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Nothing Happening In The Arctic

Red shows ice loss over the last two days. Green shows ice gain. Other than winds pushing the ice edge back a little in the Barents Sea, ice extent is not changing. Over the past week, ice loss has been … Continue reading

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Little Miracles

ATTENBOROUGH : ‘Climate Change Stops Plants Growing’ | Principia Scientific International Last night I was photographing some of God’s large miracles, like Saturn and Jupiter.  Today I am looking at some equally impressive little miracles.

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Stop Heating The Arctic!

NOAA says December was really hot in the Arctic and it was your fault. https://www.eenews.net/climatewire/2018/05/08/stories/1060081047 Given that there isn’t any sunlight in the Arctic in December, it is pretty incredible that people calling themselves scientists would attribute the relatively mild … Continue reading

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Seen In Colorado This Week

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