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The Scott Koontz Challenge!

Update : Scott Koontz is now blocked. He didn’t deliver. ———————————————– Scott Koontz says he will have my GHCN software (which has been open sourced for years) analyzed and debunked in a few hours.  I eagerly await his report. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Now Scott Wants Australia

Cold front bringing snow to central NSW moving in on ACT

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Ask And Ye Shall Receive!

“Adult science” below!  

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Scientists Grant Earth A Reprieve!

Originally 350 PPM CO2 was going to kill us.  Now it is 410 PPM. That is why they created 350.org, which is now 400.350.org 400.350.org It doesn’t really matter though, because the UN says global warming killed us 18 years … Continue reading

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Magical Graphs!

DMI shows Arctic sea ice extent falling sharply over the last few days, with almost 5% of the ice melted in just a few days. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut NSIDC maps show nothing happening in the … Continue reading

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Field Of Climate Dreams

Build it and they will come. In response to my graphs showing how the US has cooled over the last century, reader Jeff has been pointing out that it was cooler from 1871 to 1918. No surprise there. In 1989, … Continue reading

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Scene At NCAR

I took these pictures at NCAR yesterday, where climate scientists are working very hard to save us from global warming.

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More Miracles

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