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More Permanent Drought Devastation

I had a nice garden until the permanent drought wrecked it a few minutes ago. It is my birthday today and I got a new (used) set of golf clubs.  I had no idea it was going to come with … Continue reading

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No Change In Arctic Sea Ice Extent For Four Days

Red shows sea ice loss since May 13, green shows ice gain. There hasn’t been any change in extent for quite a few days. We are now more than one-third of the way through the Arctic melt season. May 13  … Continue reading

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Boulder CO2 Devastation

The City of Boulder is suing oil companies for providing the energy which the city requires  to survive and function. This might seem irrational, but that is because you just aren’t qualified to understand the brilliant minds of left wing … Continue reading

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Toto Researches The Permanent Drought

Toto has been studying the permanent drought the last couple of days at Wolf Creek Pass and Boulder. Lots more permanent drought in the forecast. Boulder, CO 10-Day Forecast | Weather Underground

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