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A Very Mild May In The US

The frequency of hot May days has declined sharply in the US over the past century, with this year being just about average. However, the average temperature this month has been in the top five. Afternoon temperatures have been much … Continue reading

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Canadian Climate Experts

Canadian climate experts Katharine and Catherine team up to explain why warm days are climate and cold days are just weather. Catherine McKenna ?? on Twitter Catherine McKenna ?? on Twitter Right after Climate Barbie bragged about a warm day … Continue reading

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D-Day Approaches For Climate Alarmists

I warned alarmists at the beginning of the month that their day of reckoning would come near the end of May, and it is nearly here. Arctic sea ice volume is the highest in five years, and much higher than … Continue reading

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Plummeting May 26 Temperatures In The US

May 26 temperatures in the US have declined sharply since about 1910. On this date in 1911, almost the entire eastern US was over 90 degrees. Similar story in 1914, with 90 degree weather up into Vermont.

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So Why Tamper With The Data?

Eli Melaas is bragging that Blue Hill, MA has the best temperature record in the US. And he provided this graph. This is what the actual USHCN daily data looks like. I plotted four versions of the graph – Melaas, … Continue reading

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