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The End Of Journalism?

Four years after the New York Times announced the end of snow, upstate New York is having their longest lasting ski season record. The End of Snow? – The New York Times Blog: Cinco de snow | Adam Colver’s blog … Continue reading

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The Massive Solar Storm Of 1859

A giant coronal mass ejection occurred during August 1859. When the solar wind arrived at Earth, it brought auroras as far south as Panama, and disrupted all electronic communications. Strong currents ran through electrical wires which had no batteries attached. … Continue reading

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Another 97% Consensus Dies

With all of their other superstitions falling apart, climate scientists are still clinging to the “declining spring snow cover” scam. Sadly for the climate cult, three of the last six Aprils have had above normal snow cover. This year was … Continue reading

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Disaster Looms For Climate Alarmists

Arctic sea ice is melting much slower than normal this spring. Normally, most of the melt during May is in the Bering Sea, but the ice has already melted there – nearly guaranteeing ongoing slow reduction in sea ice extent … Continue reading

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Katherine Hayhoe’s Junk Science Iced Out Again

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota is having their latest ice out on record. kare11.com | Still waiting for Lake Minnetonka ice out Meanwhile, fake scientists Katharine Hayhoe and the Union of Concerned Communist Scientists say Midwest ice is melting earlier, they are … Continue reading

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Heavenly Bodies

Jupiter, Mars and the Moon.  Taken this morning with my Nikon P900 Camera.  

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Nesting Time

Last year I watched the very short childhood of three baby Cooper’s Hawks Two Weeks Of Growth Of The Chicks | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog They are back at the nest. Not sure if this is one of last … Continue reading

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