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Plummeting May 22 Temperatures In The Washington DC Area

Since the year 1910. May 22nd temperatures at Lincoln, Virginia have dropped nearly 10 degrees.  Lincoln is the closest Virginia USHCN station to Washington DC. On this date in 1911, Lincoln was 102 degrees.  Today’s forecast maximum at Lincoln is … Continue reading

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Plummeting May 22 Temperatures At Glenville, West Virginia

Since the year 1900. May 22nd temperatures at Glenville, West Virginia have dropped more than ten degrees. On this date in 1902 it was 98 degrees at Glenville. Today’s forecast maximum is 75 degrees, twenty-three degrees cooler than 1902.

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Climate Scientists Vs. Reality

Climate scientists : Russian Arctic ice melt is picking up speed – Futurity Reality : Power of the Ob – drifting ice on the river breaks railings and drags people away from hi-tech lives

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Common Sense Data Tampering

Before they tamper with the data, NASA’s “Common Sense Climate Index” shows the capital of Greenland much warmer from 1920 to 1960 than it is now. Data.GISS: Common Sense Climate Index After data tampering, NASA has warmed up recent temperatures … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Dangerously Close To Normal

As I predicted at the beginning of the month, Arctic melt has been very slow this month and both volume and extent of Arctic sea ice are close to “normal.” FullSize_CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20180521.png (1337×1113) Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut … Continue reading

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Settled Science In Iceland

Settled science at NASA means constantly rewriting the past.  Here are a few of the NASA Reykjavik, Iceland temperature graphs I have captured over the past six years. V2 Measured V2 Adjusted 2012 October 2017 V3 Measured Vs Homogenized 2014 … Continue reading

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May 22 Temperatures Declining In Iowa

Prior to 40 years ago, 90 degree temperatures were common in Iowa on May 22, including 101 degrees at Logan, Iowa on May 22, 1925.  Every location in Iowa was over 90 degrees that day. There haven’t been any 90 … Continue reading

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