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The Extreme Cinco de Mayo of 1934

On Cinco de Mayo 1934, much of the US was hot, with temperatures approaching 100 degrees in North Carolina. About two-thirds of the US was in drought. psi-193405.gif (690×488) May 5th afternoon temperatures have been declining in the US since … Continue reading

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US Climate Becoming Much Less Extreme

Over the last century, the number of both hot and cold days has declined in the US. The first hot day is coming later, and the last hot day is coming earlier. Claims that the climate is becoming more extreme … Continue reading

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The Flat Earth Society Of Climate Experts

Climate experts believe that the Arctic will become ice-free, because they don’t understand that the Earth is round. The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search Arctic Sea Ice Gone in Summer Within Five Years? They look at two dimensional maps … Continue reading

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US Hurricanes Down 30% Since The 1880’s

The number of hurricanes hitting the US is down from nearly 2.5 hurricanes per year in the 1880’s to just over 1.5 hurricanes per year now. The number of US major hurricanes (Category 3-5) peaked in the 1950’s at one … Continue reading

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University Of Colorado Examines Radical New Idea – Free Speech

Our bedrock belief is that we must teach students how to think, not what to think. Part of that is hearing varied and sometimes uncomfortable …. viewpoints. University of Colorado President   Bruce Benson May 2018 Dear Tony: I recently received … Continue reading

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