Exit Glacier, Alaska – An Icon Of Climate Fraud

Retreating Exit Glacier has become an icon of climate change – Anchorage Daily News

The Exit Glacier in Alaska has been retreating since the Little Ice Age.  Barack Obama took a selfie in front of the glacier to highlight climate change.

In a sense, Obama was correct – the Exit Glacier was retreating much faster one hundred years ago than it is now.

The Retreat of Exit Glacier.pdf

I took the National Park Service table above, added 600 meters of retreat since 1974 based on the map in the Anchorage Daily News, and graphed the retreat rates since 1815.  The glacier was retreating much faster before 1918 than it has been since 1918.


As is normally the case in climate science, the data shows the exact opposite of the claim being made.

Map below h/t garyh845

National Park Service

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