Conservation Of Stupidity Among Climate Alarmists

One of the dumbest ideas which climate alarmists have is that glaciers calving is an indication of melt and sea level rise.

This video of a Greenland glacier fracturing is a close, scary look at sea level rise – The Verge

Claiming that glacier calving is an indication of melt, is equivalent to standing on the edge of a waterfall and saying it is an indication of drought.  Six hundred billion tons of snow fell on Greenland last winter.  It all has to return to the sea.  It is an equilibrium process which neither adds nor removes water from the sea. It has nothing to do with imaginary climate change.

The edge of the Helheim glacier hasn’t changed in five years, and if you look closely in the 2018 photo, you can see just to the right and below the arrowhead, the tiny gray sliver of ice which broke off – that they are getting hysterical about.

2013       2018

Like the Titanic, the global warming scam has hit another iceberg.

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