Declining July 30 Temperatures In The US

As CO2 has increased, US July 30 afternoon temperatures have plummeted.  On this date in 1917, almost the entire US east of the Rockies was over 90 degrees, and much was over 100 degrees.

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8 Responses to Declining July 30 Temperatures In The US

  1. Gene Rasmussen says:

    Trying to decipher what’s the blue line and what’s the red line. Also what’s the link to the data. Personally I curious about the 1915-1920 (WWI era) drought for historical reasons. These charts confirmed what I’d understood about the WWI era weather in the SW and Plains states. Lead to a crash in the cattle market when coupled with army procurement practices and W. Wilson (Herbert Hoover, Admn.) price distortions in the cattle/hog markets during WWI. Coupled with a general economic collapse in 1919, much of the farm economy crashed then. Particularly, the summer droughts forced ranchers to sell light weight cattle when the gov’t wasn’t buying the lighter weights for war supplies. Coupled with rising cost, farms were lost because as one source said a cow sold for no more then the value of its hide, and many lost the farm for taxes, the property taxes they couldn’t pay because of little revenues. Perhaps for your point, such hot extremes in that era had major economic effects, both the heat and the then crash long forgotten by the myopia of the so-called scientists of today.

    • tonyheller says:

      Blue line is percent for one year. Red line is five year average.

    • GCsquared says:

      Drought won’t be an issue any more. Now we have plenty of bottled water to give the livestock.

    • Rah says:

      Back then many farmers on the plains we’re new homesteaders just getting started. They were already living on the ragged edge. Many raising families in Hodge covered dugouts and living hand to mouth.

  2. Bob Hoye says:

    The commodity boom that blew out in 1920 was one of the greatest in history.
    I was global and included most commodities. The US CPI inflation soared to 22 percent.
    The collapse set up another great financial bubble.
    But that is another story.

    • GCsquared says:

      The FED was created in 1913 (on December 23, because the law was so popular), supposedly to prevent this sort of thing from happening. Despite this total fail in its seventh year, it was left it alone, and has gone on from one failure to the next ever after.

  3. gregole says:

    OT but this is a fun site for all things weather / location:

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