Longing For The Good Old Days

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4 Responses to Longing For The Good Old Days

  1. Mr Grimnasty says:

    What about Obama paying £1billion to the UN climate fund? If you need to take legal advice about doing something, you know it’s dodgy legally or morally. The more money/power a person has, the more likely they’ll get the ‘legal’ decision they want anyway (Blair took legal advice about the Iraq law, Lord Goldsmith, attorney general, changed his advice to give the ‘right’ answer!) Obama’s action was nothing short of theft from you US taxpayers if you ask me. What’s worse, he sent the second tranche of $500M days before Trump came in, in the full knowledge that the democratic decision was against any further misappropriation of US taxpayer cash for the UN climate boondoggle.

  2. Give them no quarter, keep telling us who they are: evil destroyers of prosperity

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