NOAA Hiding The Decline

Making the heat of the 1930’s disappear is very important for the global warming scam.  Not only were CO2 levels low in the 1930’s but atmospheric H2O levels were also very low.

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The US had severe or extreme drought coast to coast in 1934, meaning low levels of greenhouse gas H2O in the atmosphere.

psi-193407.gif (690×488)

And not much better in 1936.

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The drought was world-wide.

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The summers of 1934 and 1936 were incredibly hot across the US.



On July 25, 1934 it was 110 degrees in Kentucky, 114 degrees in Missouri, 113 degrees in Illinois, and 111 degrees in Ohio.

On July 25, 1936 it was 117 degrees in Iowa, 116 degrees in South Dakota, and 115 degrees in Nebraska.

Temperatures that hot don’t occur in the Midwest any more, so it is necessary for fraudsters at NOAA to tamper with the data and make the past heat disappear.  And they don’t do it alone. Scientists around the world colluded to make past global warmth disappear.

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