NOAA US Data Tampering Update

According to NOAA, the US is burning up.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

But before data tampering, the US has been cooling for the past 90 years.  The claimed warming trend is entirely due to data tampering.

The data is altered in a spectacular hockey stick – with temperatures before the year 2000 progressively cooled, and temperatures after 2000 progressively warmed.

When plotted vs. CO2, it becomes clear that US warming is the ultimate junk science.  The data is being precisely altered to match CO2 theory, with an R² of 0.975.

Spreadsheet    Data

A lot of this fraud is done with good old fashioned “just making stuff up.” Almost half of the data is currently being fabricated. Forty-seven percent of the monthly US temperature data is marked by NOAA with an “E’ – which means it is estimated.

This junk science may seem really, really awful, but you are a racist if you don’t accept the reality of man-made warming data-tampering.

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