Remember The Good Old Days Of Barack Obama?

Last night my neighbor told me the world no longer respects the US, because of Donald Trump.

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  1. Josh says:

    The good old days where promises meant zilch, purpose of war was to change regime to destabilize the Middle East, slow growing economy was deemed success, poor race relations, corrupt government, Russia is not against America, a hand up was welfare not a job, fraudsters destroying science through manipulation of temperatures through cancelling UHI effect, adding more measurements from Airport, and cutting down rural stations.

  2. John Niclasen says:

    Another piece for the puzzle.

    “Now – three years ago, I visited Kenya as the first sitting american president to come from Kenya.”
    – Barack Hussein Obama in Kogelo, Kenya on July 21, 2018.

    Is he trolling?
    He may be trolling.

    See also this recent post by Tony:

    • John Niclasen says:

      On the other hand, strange attempt of trolling, if that’s what he is doing, as it would be illegal, if he comes from Kenya (born in Kenya).

      • Johansen says:

        His grandmother said he was, until she was corrected by a translator. It could be that he was born there, and immediately his parents returned to Hawaii, where they had his birth ‘registered’. In aaaany case… the storm has passed, the clouds have parted, and the sun is coming through. Or, as the Reagan commercial said, “it’s morning again in America”

        • John Niclasen says:

          Yes, the storm has passed, and in many ways it is time to move on.

          But it is also wise to learn from past events to prevent future conflicts in this area.

          I am not a US citizen, I’m danish and live in Denmark. I am interested in democracy and how it works.

          (As I understand it), the US constitution talks about “Natural-born-citizen”. The question of citizenship relate to becoming a president and who can vote (and probably other things). And it relates to the current talks about immigrants.

          Can you become president of the USA, if you are born in USA by parents, who are not US citizens?
          Are you a US citizen by automatic, if you are born in USA by anyone? (And you have therefore the rights to vote, etc.)
          Can you become president of the USA, if you are born outside USA, and both your parents are USA citizens, who return to USA right after your birth, where you then get a birth certificate?

          Can you think of other similar questions, where the answer may be up for debate?

          • Johansen says:

            Article II: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States”.
            You are correct, the phrase “natural born” is hotly debated.
            The authors of the Constitution were concerned with a President’s *fidelity* to his country & Constitution

          • Johansen says:

            With respect to immigrating and becoming a citizen, and who can vote, that’s a whole ‘nuther issue. One of the problems with having a welfare state with a graduated income tax, is that people who don’t have any skin in the game (new immigrants, presumably) will keep voting themselves more and more goodies. Politicians quickly learn how to work that…

          • Johansen says:

            Out of a $4 trillion (4,000,000,000,000) annual budget, approximately $3 trillion is just simply “direct payments to individuals” of one sort or another.
            At the states level, it’s roughly another $4 trillion spending, with a lot of that being “transfer payments” as well.
            That money isn’t magic; it is taken out of the private economy.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            “The authors of the Constitution were concerned with a President’s *fidelity* to his country & Constitution.”

            Yes, they were, and it’s the one thing that did not work too well. I reckon they would have wanted to redo that part if they could see the outcome. There are many immigrants who are faithful to our country and its Constitution and “naturally born” members of the fifth column who want to destroy it.

          • Johansen says:

            My own state – just a single state – is over $400 billion (I know “billion” is used differently in other countries, it’s 400,000,000,000) in debt! And a large portion of that is caused by illegal immigration. You can walk in and demand free education K-12, and free healthcare in a very swanky clinic with absolute state of the art equipment, and the taxpayers pay for it

  3. Colorado Wellington says:

    Last month a neighbor told me about leaving the US, because of Donald Trump.

    • neal s says:

      Would it be neighborly to offer to help him do so?

      There were numerous celebrities who swore they would leave the USA because PDJT was elected, and yet none of them have actually done so. I think it would be great if a class-action lawsuit against such celebrities were brought, as they have inflicted emotional distress on many as a result of their not keeping their promise to leave the USA.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        “Would it be neighborly to offer to help him do so?”

        Yes. It’s a win-win proposition and it’s the right thing to do, anyway, despite the long odds.

        The pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right.

      • arn says:

        Those “celebrities” would only leave their immigrant&violent-free low diversity capitalistic guarded zones(the exact opposite of what they pretend to preach)
        only when Weinstein gets 50 years prison or they start an open hunt on pedophiles.

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      “Last month a neighbor told me about leaving the US, because of Donald Trump.”

      Wait, I’m confused. Did your neighbor leave or not? And if so, did he pack up and leave for real, or just go on a vacation? Trump is still President. Why is this neighbor back already? What was wrong with the shithole third world country he fled to?

      • Johansen says:

        Maybe he went to Europe and didn’t like paying $8/gal for gas and $6 for a simple cup of black coffee. Or maybe he went to Mexico and got tired of nothing working as it should

  4. Rah says:

    Where have I heard that BS before? Oh yeah, every time there has not been been a Republican in the WH since RR. I don’t care if they like us because they obviously now fear us. And when dealing with Islmists and those that coddle them, that is the best kind of respect.

  5. Rah says:

    Sorry for any errors in my posts. Sitting outside the gate of a Nestle’s facility near Allentown, PA posting from my phone while I wait for them to come up with an empty trailer.

    Yesterday on the PA Turnpike was brutal. Like 200 miles of rush hour traffic driving a rig grossing well over 770,000 lb

  6. Rah says:

    That’s 77,000 lb

    • Steven Fraser says:

      You did say ‘Like’ :-)

      My first trip home from College was in a corn-hauling truck on the backroads of Illinois, with a similar load. First time ever to hitchhike, too.

  7. Rah says:

    This truck driver has been extremely busy for the last few weeks. OT days abound. And I haven’t been hauling soybeans or corn bound for Chinalike the liars of the Left would have you believe. This economy is roaring.

  8. Rah says:

    Trucking companies offering sign on bonuses of up to $6,000. That’s about twice what they have offered before during good economic times.

  9. cdquarles says:

    Truck traffic has long been a person indicator of mine. I estimate overall traffic, the ratio of trucks to cars, and finally trucks carrying capital goods to all trucks. On an upswing, the truck traffic rises first, with most of these carrying capital goods. As new supply comes along, the capital goods truck to truck ratio falls; while trucks to cars is still rising. At the top, trucks to cars drops, with capital goods carrying trucks leading the decline. Works every time I’ve used it.

    So how did I know how bad the Obama years were, even not considering that his policies were deliberately slowing the economy? Poor truck to car ratios, that’s how. You can complement that by looking at freight railroad traffic.

    • Steven Fraser says:

      Trucks carrying cars is a good indicator, too.

    • Mark Luhman says:

      RAM prices are another good indicator, of course you have to work in the computer field to notice.

    • Rah says:

      Andeson, IN is the county seat of where I live and where I grew up. John Dillinger robbed banks all over this area but refused to hit anywhere in Anderson. Said it had too many teams and too much train traffic. Early this spring they announced that train traffic would increase from 8 trains a day to over 60 a day passing through. They meant it.

  10. Anon says:


    If you want to give your neighbor a a more nuanced and truthful answer, to a very serious concern, it goes like this.

    Most foreign countries don’t have news bureaus in the United States due to the expense. So what they do is contract with major syndicated media, like CNN, Reuters, WaPo, NYT and translate those articles to their native language. At one time those news sources gave a fairly balanced picture of things happening in America, so in foreign countries they are seen as the truth.

    However, over the last 2 years, the media in these foreign countries have noticed a problem with their coverage. For example, they disseminate that Trump is nearing impeachment for a month and then one of their journalists actually comes back from the United States and reports that Trump’s popularity has never been higher.

    This disconnect is now starting to register and many foreign countries are deciding to actually send their own reporters to the United States to ascertain what is really happening, despite the expense.

    Also, ordinary people are also starting to notice this and as a result it is not uncommon to find RT playing in people’s living rooms where CNN was once the norm.

    Foreign nationals and the foreign media are beginning to catch on and I truly expect that if this continues for a few more years, news sources like CNN will see their foreign syndication services drastically decrease. There is actually a need in many foreign countries to understand the real situation in America and the World.

    I have seen this first hand and there are articles about it (mostly in foreign languages). I will dig them up when I can…

  11. Rah says:

    Well after 3 times coming in this facility to find an empty trailer I followed a yard jocky pulling a loaded one to door 52 to be unloaded. I’m baked under it waiting for it to be unloaded. Can feel they started unloading it already. When I get the green light I can go. Then it’s 38 miles to Pottstown where tomorrow at 05:00 I get loaded with catalyst as used in catalytic converter to take 600 mi. Back home. Catalyst loads are light and taking the hills and curves of the PA TP with such a load with good road conditions is part of what makes driving enjoyable.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Silly as it may sound, I enjoy your authenticity and reading your trucking stories. Thank you.

      • Rah says:

        Thank you. When I get home I’ll post a photo of my truck backed into an inside dock last week. Backing is part of what separates the truck drivers from the steering wheel holders. My first run last week up to the Chicago area had three stops. All inside docks. Two of them the driver backs into off a street.

  12. gregole says:


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