1933 : Liberal Catholic Bishop In Love With Hitler And Mussolini

In 1933, liberal Catholic bishop George Arundale described Hitler, Mussolini and Roosevelt as “outstanding men” and said they all loved children. And he loved the credo of the British Union of Fascists.


The philosophical statement which Arundale loved and quoted anonymously, was the credo of the British Union of Fascists.

This is what leftists saw in the 1930’s – a beautiful world of children surrounded by armed German National Socialists.

This is what the real world looked like.

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4 Responses to 1933 : Liberal Catholic Bishop In Love With Hitler And Mussolini

  1. Brilliant post. Observe that it is today’s Wikipedia that painted on “liberal” as today’s favorite looter geuzenaam. When the original article appeared “liberal” stood for those opposed to the Comstock laws and in favor of repealing the laws making beer a felony.

  2. Johansen says:

    You opened a can of worms, there. Yes, tragically many churchmen saw Hitler as a bulwark against Soviet Communism which was viewed as the real threat. They ignored Hitler’s own writings, in which he clearly wanted to turn Eastern Europe into a greater Germany, and basically wipe out or enslave the current inhabitants. I don’t see any parallel at all with Trump and his American patriotism

  3. Johansen says:

    I got busy and had to come back and digest that British Fascist statement of faith.
    That’s a good working definition of what Fascism is. The State is everything there is, there was, and there shall be; the State is the prime mover in the universe, the State is your god – your redeemer, your duty is to the State, if you do your duty you are a good cog in the wheel, there are no individuals or individuality, you have no intrinsic meaning outside the State. The State decides who is worthy of promotion, or even worthy of living. Basically, you sort of have Stoicism on steroids; Marcus Aurelius on caffeine.
    It has a lot in common, actually, with Communism I think

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