1933 : Progressives Described Roosevelt, Hitler And Mussolini As “Great Men”

In 1933, the progressive Lincoln Journal enthusiastically endorsed Roosevelt, Hitler and Mussolini.

31 Dec 1933, 35 – The Lincoln Star at Newspapers.com

In 2016 they enthusiastically endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is best qualified by experience and temperament to be the country’s next president. Clinton has a spectacular resume of public service that includes stints in the U.S. Senate and as Secretary of State in the Obama administration. She’s been impressive.

Editorial, 10/23: Clinton is best choice for president | News | journalstar.com

09 Sep 1935, 10 – The Missoulian at Newspapers.com

11 Oct 1933, Page 6 – Medford Mail Tribune at Newspapers.com

The progressives are returning to their 1930’s roots.

Steve Goddard on Twitter: “Censorship has always been a fundamental principle at the root of all progressive movements.”

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