End Of The World Gets Pushed Back Another 20 Years

Steve Goddard on Twitter: “According to the @washingtonpost and @NASA, we were supposed to be in an ice by 2020

Mercury News: Search Results

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40 Responses to End Of The World Gets Pushed Back Another 20 Years


    Hunger Stones – Interesting record of droughts.

    • Richard Keen says:

      I note that most articles about these Hunger Stones leave out this somewhat relevant bit of info:
      “After the Moldau was dammed in 1926, the rock made its appearance more often. Today it is visible on an average of 126 days every year.”
      BTW, the Moldau joins the Elbe about 20 miles from my grandmother’s home town of Leipa, then Austria. For more about this lovely river, take a quarter hour to enjoy this:
      Uncensored, on YouTube.

      • Martin says:

        The dam was not mentioned in the articles I read about the hunger stone. Thanks for the information.

      • Duster says:

        Thanks for that information. I was going to look for it. One point that no one I’ve seen mention is that several of those droughts took place during the Little Ice Age.

      • Jack Miller says:

        Richard Keen, wished I had that little bit of information before I had commented at a popular “science news” website. Thanks for the link.

  2. Steelman says:

    How long before MSM starts to close their archives?

    • Anon says:

      Two years ago I was one of these morons. Even teaching CAGW. I would never even listen to Rush Limbaugh, as he was climate change denier. Now he is the only voice a sanity out there. I went from getting my news from CNN, WaPo, NYT to Rush Limbaugh. (WTF?) That is insane. So, if I can do it, anyone can.

      Maybe 2018 will be the “CAGW tipping point”? I think people have just had it with anything they see in a MSM publication. It is beyond unethical.

      Only the brain dead are left.

      • arn says:

        Well-your level of education is a lot higher than that of most people.
        Though you were told what to think instead of how and
        your critical thinking skills were kept into a box you were not supposed to leave-
        you had more overall skills than average joe to set yourself
        Therefor i do think that for most others it is as “easy” to let go and wake up.
        Especially considering that your wake up moment(if i remember right)was very specific and sudden by realising the institutionalised and systematic data manipulation(which most people simply can not understand)
        and not by following intuition or a step by step awakening resulting in some kind of epiphany.
        + you have the great advantage after changing sides that you can destroy people with arguements and people will listen to you as soon as they know that you are an expert.

      • Squidly says:


        Many people are intellectually lazy. They are easily duped into most anything because of this. I know many people like this (I have a daughter like that). It is frustrating to me at times because if one takes just one minute, and once ounce of effort to actually think, it becomes painfully clear what the truth really is. It’s really not that hard, but so many people seem to refuse to do it.

        If it were “common sense”, they why do so many people fail so miserably at it. Answer: lazy

      • MGJ says:

        It’s a tough transformation to go through.

        For years I passively took in the relentless MSM narrative about AGW. This seemed to be confirmed by listening to the denier nutjobs on the BBC – who were of course carefully selected for ‘balance’, precisely BECAUSE they came across as crazy, inarticulate conspiracy theorists.

        Even with a lifetime spent in science and engineering, spending hundreds of hours following reason and evidence to try and understand it all is hard work. There’s only so many things we can spend our time on.

        Reason and evidence gets you to the right place eventually but against the pre-enlightenment notion of argument from authority, consistently fails to persuade others.

        Without the internet, there really would be a near-100% consensus and that would be awful.

    • odrum says:

      not closed…cleansed.

    • Philip says:

      Don’t give them Ideas.

  3. Colorado Wellington says:

    True, but delays and budget overruns are normal in such large scale projects. Climate alarmism is a well-oiled machinery and—if properly funded—should be able to deliver the end of the world in a few hundred years.

  4. Lance says:

    How many ‘goal’ posts have come and gone? Opps…another goal post!

    • arn says:

      AGW-a science built upon moving goalposts.

      (just as communist utopia is always just a few years away
      for those guys
      and so is their apocalypse )

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        From the 1982 broadcast of Questions for Radio Yerevan:

        Soviet citizen asks: “What is the definition of the Communist equality horizon?”
        Radio Yerevan answers: “Like every other horizon it’s an imaginary line that keeps moving away as you approach it.”

        Soviet citizen asks: “Why is there no meat in the stores?”
        Radio Yerevan answers: “Because we are moving towards the Communist horizon at such a speed that cattle cannot keep up with us.”

        • arn says:

          Life in equality horizon must be real great.

          I heard that all those who did not survive the holdomors,the gulags,the lenins,stalins and pol pot
          live there.

  5. CheshireRed says:

    Gordon Brown (ex UK PM) said ’40 days’.
    Prince Charles said ‘100 months’.
    The Guardians Andrew Simms said ‘100 months’.
    The ever-reliable Dr James Hansen said that Obama had ‘just 4 years to save the world’.
    And let’s not forget Flash Gordon’s Missus (Queen Azura I think, who was light years ahead of her time exclaiming ‘we only have 14 hours to save the earth’!

    On balance I think Queen Azura was the most plausible.

  6. Gator says:

    Here we go again…

  7. Anon says:

    The only thing I can conclude for this is that Climatologists put this out to secure 17 more years of funding. Or to get to retirement before the whole thing implodes.

    2020 deadline to avert climate catastrophe: experts

    Humanity must put carbon dioxide emissions on a downward slope by 2020 to have a realistic shot at capping global warming at well under two degrees Celsius, the bedrock goal of the Paris climate accord, experts said Wednesday.

    A world that heats up beyond that threshold will face a crescendo of devastating impacts ranging from deadly heatwaves to mass migration caused by rising seas, the experts warned in a commentary published in the science journal Nature.


    Humanity will reach the ‘point of no return’ on climate change by 2035

    Using information from climate models, the team determined the deadline for starting climate action in order to ‘likely’ keep global warming below 2°C in 2100.


    Thankfully there is a huge cadre of people who see through this. Trump needs to extirpate this at the roots, as it is killing real science.

  8. God bless President Trump. His hard work has bought us an extra 15 years.

    • Josh says:

      MAGA is reality!

      • MAGA is already done. Trump is now on MMEGA (Make Mother Earth Great Again).

        • RAH says:

          MAGA won’t be done until the cockroaches in DC are squashed, the wall is built and immigration laws enforced, illegals are not voting in our elections, Wacko professors, teachers and quack “scientists” in all fields are flipping burgers or cleaning the restrooms in rest areas for a living, ROTC is back on all of the Ivy league campuses, race baiting is no longer profitable in any way, and the deep blue states all go so bankrupt that they are begging for a bailout that will only come with conditions. etc, etc, etc. IOW MAGA will be a work in progress for the rest of our lifetimes and beyond. But the POTUS sure is putting up on the right track and taking care of some big problems.

  9. just a thought says:

    Oh no! Not spinach in the Northeast! (I used to plant it in Autumn so it would have a head start in Spring. In milder winters you could even get a small crop in Jan/Feb, too. IT’S A COLD WEATHER VEGGIE.

    How stupid are they? (Like I have to ask.)

  10. John F. Hultquist says:

    2035 is vague.
    The corrected time is 8:31 and 17 seconds in the morning of May 7 th of 2035.

  11. Josh says:

    You could get a Gavin to say April 2018 had average temps for Contiguous USA and the leftists would believe it. No need any fact checking, if authority says so, it is true

  12. gregole says:

    Ok, Ok, wait a minute.

    Let’s take this one step at a time. Let’s take a deep breath and face the facts.

    I’m standing by my prediction made, I don’t know, a couple weeks ago (?) that come September (day after tomorrow), when we hit minimum Arctic ice, that this year, the Arctic will not be ice free.

    Let that sink in. 2018. Heat-trapping M@nn-made C02 at a dangerously high level of 400 ppm. And I am predicting millions of square kilometers of ice in the Arctic. And for just a moment, consider that I just might be right.

    And now doomsday has been set back to 2035?

    Wait. What!

    It is time for a reset.

    I am summoning all ice-mavens and warmunists from the depths of the hell that is their fevered imaginations to re-establish dates for the varied and sundry catastrophes that await us.

    Arctic Ice free: When?
    Miami underwater and evacuated: When?
    Phoenix, Az uninhabitable: When?
    Collapse of agriculture: When?
    Climate refugees fleeing to Greenland and Antarctica: When?

    And if you can’t answer these simple questions, why not?

    I’ll wait here.

  13. Robertv says:

    RICHBOROUGH was an important natural harbour and was the landing place of the Roman invasion of Britain.

    ‘These days the side is inland but in Roman times HIGHER sea level placed it right on the coast.’
    Bettany Hughes
    Roman Invasion of Britain
    min 15:01

    Bettany Hughes is currently a visiting research fellow at King’s College London, a tutor for Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education,[5] an honorary fellow at Cardiff University, and the holder of an honorary doctorate from the University of York.[6]

  14. Colorado Wellington says:

    No lives lost, thankfully.

    Yes, but just barely.

    This was literally “touch and go”. As their aluminum hull boat got crushed the two Argentines managed to activate their EPIRB and scramble on an ice floe. The transmitter sent a distress signal as the boat sank.

    And then there was this:

    Additional information 30-08-18:
    CCGS Larsen helicopter picked two stranded individuals off ice floe and they appeared unharmed. The conditions were rather heavy fog with little wind. They had spent 11 hours on the ice floe and they were lucky no Polar Bears spotted them. In that time span the ice floe traveled westbound and eastbound in Bellot Strait currents.

    Also, this is not a Ship of Fools story but rather Flotilla of Fools. I understand there is about a dozen boats there maneuvering in the drift ice and defying the Canadian Coast Guard appeals to retreat South or find a safe winter harbor in Baffin Bay. The Argentine skipper followed the advise of another sailor who expects the east-west passage to open this year.

  15. pseudo-intellectual says:

    Relative to “entire nations” being wiped off the face of the earth, I say again, if most of the ice in the Arctic is already melting or melted, where is the projected sea rise coming from?

  16. ScienceABC123 says:

    Does anyone have a list of all the “climate change/global warming/whatever” reprieves? I’m feeling a bit lazy today. Thanks

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