It Is The Censorship, Not The CO2

In 1934, fascism was rising around the world.  It was the hottest year on record in the US, and the worst drought on record in the US.

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The LA Times said the global climate was berserk and was being controlled by sunspots.

England was having their worst drought in almost 200 years, and one of their warmest summers.


According to the LA Times, the climate had gone nuts around the world.

30 Dec 1934, 13 – The Los Angeles Times at

Atmospheric CO2 was a very low 310 PPM in 1934. Almost 85 years later, fascism is again on the rise, and the LA Times refuses to print the opinions of anyone who doesn’t believe bad weather is caused by CO2.

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8 Responses to It Is The Censorship, Not The CO2

  1. Johansen says:

    Scary stuff, considering there’s no shortage of media/groups/actors who seem to want to create another worldwide apocalypse

  2. Josh says:

    AGW caused WWII just like AGW caused Syrian Civil War. Heat waves cause anger and thoughts of suicides, hence people starting doing irrational things such as voting for Hitler.

  3. John F. Hultquist says:

    These are interesting suggestions.
    What do you suppose the “R squared” would be?

    There are elected congress critters that would “buy” this —
    except it is in the wrong direction, or they are, in fact,
    in favor of censorship.

  4. Gator says:

    The left has proven beyond all doubt that they are the anti-science advocates, by denying debate and by censoring research. Too bad they own the media.

  5. Psalmon says:

    …And the Left also understands the value of gun confiscation worldwide:

    My Father had an Irish friend who lived may years in South Africa. In the 1980s he predicted everything that has happened there. It will soon be a bloodbath…and shortly after Venezuela on steroids.

  6. David M. says:

    Good evening, Tony

    Atmospheric CO2 is fertile ground for you to plow. Almost every climate alarmist assumption about CO2 is wrong. Following is a short list of wrong assumptions:

    1) Rising atmospheric CO2 increases earth’s temperature. Maybe. But, the geologic record shows temperature increases BEFORE atmospheric CO2, and physics explains why. Warming water bodies release CO2.
    2) The earth’s temperature has been rising since the beginning of the Industrial Age. Maybe. But, the Industrial Age began 100+ years BEFORE the fossil fuel age. Water initially powered the Industrial Age.
    3) Natural processes can only sequester natural emissions of CO2. Wrong. Natural processes have also sequestered at least half of CO2 emissions from cement production and the burning of fossil fuels. Climate alarmist calculations support this point.
    4) ALL the increase in atmospheric CO2 since the beginning of the Industrial Age is anthropogenic. Wrong. The release of CO2 from warming water bodies accounts for at least one half of the increase in atmospheric CO2.
    5) The direct feedback between changes in atmospheric CO2 and earth’s temperature is grossly overestimated in conventional climate models.
    6) The indirect feedback between atmospheric CO2 (via water vapor) and the earth’s temperature is grossly overestimated in conventional climate models.
    7) Rising CO2 and temperatures will devastate earth. Wrong. The geologic record proves earth has THRIVED while atmospheric CO2 EXCEEDED 1000 ppm (about 2.5x the current concentration).

    Every assumption mentioned above is foundational to conventional climate models. Because the assumptions are wrong, thinking, informed people can question alarmist methodology, expectations and policies.

    Tony, you have a unique ability to explain, as well as identify, flaws in conventional wisdom. Doing so will help broaden RealClimateScience’s relevance and thereby appeal.

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