More Climate Fraud At Wikipedia

Wikipedia lists the record temperature for Spain at 117 degrees in 2017.

List of weather records – Wikipedia

The actual record of 122F (50C) occurred on August 4, 1881, during Spain’s worst heatwave on record.

29 Jul 1881, 3 – The Newcastle Weekly Courant at

23 Feb 2005, Page 12 – Great Falls Tribune at

Reality  and history wreck the global warming scam, so climate alarmists simply erase both. And after deleting the old record of 50C, they lie about a new forecast of 50C.

Portugal’s Met Office retracts hottest day prediction, blames extreme weather for mistake | Euronews

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12 Responses to More Climate Fraud At Wikipedia

  1. Josh says:

    Do alarmists have memories spanning more than 20 yrs?
    Dont take drugs kids :)
    Seems like they forget everything before 1998.

    • Disillusioned says:

      1979 is the official beginning of climate memory. All records before that are either irrelevant or adjusted to what they’re supposed to be, because people before 1979 didn’t know how to use mercury thermometers.

      • Josh says:

        If people don’t know how to use mercury thermometers, then why adjust the raw temperatures? Raw = originally recorded. We all know the fraudsters are liars.

    • GW Smith says:

      Who needs a memory when you have an agenda.

  2. Mr Grimnasty says:

    The vague excuses for disallowing 122F and several other higher temperatures are on the relevant wiki page for Spain.

    Anyway, looks like the record temperatures predicted for Iberia 48C+ aren’t going to happen now – they’re blaming the extreme weather for getting the forecast wrong!

  3. frederik wisse says:

    Mr Connolly is still editing the Wikipedia climate reporting ?
    How convenient to get the narrative across .

  4. RAH says:

    Based upon my experience in the Azores getting my hair cut on the economy; It would be a very stinky place if it got that hot. Heck it would be a very stinky place even at 30 C.

  5. feathers says:

    Tony – you are smart to start going after Wikipedia. In my view, they are the most dangerous tech firm other than google (google owns YouTube so I lump them in together).

    Why is Wikipedia so dangerous – because they’ve become the sole arbiter of the truth. When you type a term/subject into a search engine, often the first hit is the Wikipedia entry on the subject. When you ask Alexa or Siri anything, its default is to map back to the Wikipedia page on the subject. So when you search/ask for the hottest summer in North America’s history – the results (from google, or Alexa, etc.) will spit out whatever Wikipedia has on its page – true or completely false.

    Exercise – type in any 5 conservative personalities into Wikipedia off the top of your head. I guarantee there will be at least one derogatory remark listed on the page. 100% of the time! Do this same exercise with 5 liberals. You’ll quickly see a pattern!

  6. Mr Grimnasty says:

    BBC has been going on about 47-50C expected in Portugal/Spain, all day, at length, with every single UK forecast. Some forecasts do seem to have the heat back on again. It’s a waiting game………

  7. Frank C Carter says:

    Been viewing your YouTube videos for quite a while now and have gotten a lot of good info. I have seen your temperature graphs that show rising temp to 1940 and then they decline to mid fifties at which time they begin to go up again.

    Saw a recent video that claims that the drop in the 40 -mid fifty time period was because of airborne pollution that blocked sunlight. Your thoughts on this?

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