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Explain This …

While out walking the dogs, I saw a very interesting car wreck in front of the Farmer’s Insurance building in North Phoenix this morning, but have no idea how this could have happened.

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After NOAA Adjustments

When government agencies tamper with data, they are guaranteed to get whatever result they want.

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The Heatwave And Flooding Of October, 1927

On October 28, 1927 almost 40% of the US was over 80 degrees, including 90 degree temperatures as far north as Illinois.  A few days later, the worst flooding in Vermont’s history occurred. This was just as the worst flooding … Continue reading

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Socialists Blaming The Jews

In 1934, the German National Socialist Party blamed the Jews for the world’s problems. 13 Jul 1934, Page 1 Modern socialists have adopted exactly the same policy, targeting the survivors of the Holocaust. Anti-Israel, pro-BDS candidates are the future in … Continue reading

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Desert Pics


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Arctic Gaining One Manhattan Of Sea Ice Every 21 Seconds

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Index of /DATASETS/NOAA/G02135/north/daily/images/2018/10_Oct/

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The Climate Science Repair Team

NASA scientists were unhappy that Antarctica was cooling, so they simply changed their own data to turn it into warming. SVS: Antarctic Heating and Cooling Trends Pubs.GISS: Abstract of Shindell and Schmidt 2004 Ice isn’t cooperating with their scam, but … Continue reading

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One of these Americans supports Jews and Israel. The others would love nothing more than seeing the Jewish homeland destroyed. Twitter tries to hide my pictures of wildlife, but proudly displays this garbage.

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Terror Attacks And Hate Speech

Last week, Barack Obama’s friend called Jews “termites” – and today a synagogue was shot up. The people who were blaming last week’s fake terror attack on President Trump have gone strangely silent.

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Planetary Emergency

Arctic sea ice is growing at a rate of one Manhattan every 27 seconds. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut There is no indication of any trend since the start of MASIE records in 2006. masie_4km_allyears_extent_sqkm.csv Climate experts … Continue reading

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