Guardian : There Is No Cancel Culture

Hours after an Australian cartoonist got cancelled, the Guardian announces that there is no cancel culture.

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6 Responses to Guardian : There Is No Cancel Culture

  1. Gamecock says:

    They went too far when they got John Gruden.

    The world is being run by losers in their mothers’ basements. The legacy press lost so much revenue to the internet that they can now only afford to scower twitter for content.

    Gruden said something naughty a decade ago? SFW?

    • arn says:

      I can guarant you that the world is not run by losers in their mothers basement.
      But by guys who know all tricks about psychological manipulation and creating illusions of choice and democracy by using imposters and proxies.

      Losers can not run a lemon stand for an hour without going broke (and for sure not a planet) while these people plan generations in advance .
      Look up Bertrand Russells predictions about how his Fabian society and therefore countries will turn people with the use of psychology and chemistry,biology etc into a bunch of authority-submissive morons who will believe that snow is black if told so by authorities.
      These “losers” have created globalist tools like the UN and WHO and right when they need it they get the emergencies (agw,covid) to centralise power.
      These losers have think tanks where the dumbest person has an IQ of 130.

      The real losers are a creation of these cabal:unmotivated,scared,feminised morons who want a big brother state because they have no skills.

  2. Charles Straw says:

    Though I was apolitical up until 2016, I had always studied and been interested in the art, literature and music of the extreme Left. Though I was aware of the violence of the Left, I somehow simply saw it as acceptable, sanctioned street theater. I still have a decent library of Yippie, hippie, folkie and anti-establishment literature…

    It wasn’t until the coming of Election 2916 that certain of my nice, normal Liberal friends slowly unleashed aggressive and verbally violent tendencies. To them, not only was Trump really Hitler, but in fact all Conservatives “must die”

    Over time, I lost five close friends due to (first) their bizarre Trump ideations and (second) all manner of irrational Covid strangeness…

    One former friend refused to interact about any important aspects of Covid and displayed a cold side, especially when it came to masking young children

    “You’re OK with masking two and three year olds?” I asked

    “Yep” was the quick reply

    I guess I’m saying that Cancel Culture not only affects obelisks, statues and comedians…but for many now, it’s eaten away at old relationships

    Let’s Really Go Brandon

    • arn says:

      Woke have no friends , just comrades.
      One half will instantly reject you if you don’t go along,
      the other will tolerate your blasphemy as their ignorance is on such a high level that they are simply immune to facts and turn into zombie mode.

      The only thing that can recalibrate their brains is a massive impact,as it happened
      to Dave Rubin (who only listened to Larry Elders arguments because of Elders skin color )
      or David Horowitz who was immune to any kind of argument(and even worked with Bertrand Russell ) until the Black Panthers killed his friend and his other friends didn’t gave a shit. And yet he needed almost another 10 years + relevations of Solschenitzin + red khmer genocides to get his head out of his butt.

      As long as the own moral and intellectual supremacy is stronger than the cognitive dissonance they won’t start to change.

    • Gamecock says:

      Correct, Charles. Democrats finally killed democracy in 2016. They publicly declared that they were no longer to accept the outcome of elections. They weren’t going to reconsider their positions and try to do better in the next election.

      No. Republicans were no longer the opposition, they were demons keeping them from doing what they justly, rightfully, should be doing. Literally, as seen in Germany in the 1930s. 76 million Trump voters are not just wrong, they are evil.

      Therefore, Biden getting 114% of the vote is justified.

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