EU Defending Democracy

Europe has thousands of years of crazy government history, and the current episode of craziness ranks near the top.

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  1. Nobody elected Ursula von der Crazy, or any of the EU commissioners. This is a strange form of ‘democracy’. Sanctions against a member state should be considered an act of terrorism, and should be dealt with accordingly. Time for everybody to abandon the EU.

  2. Petit_Barde says:

    Off topic (but not so much in the current dark epoch) :

    Rosa Koire’s presentation of the Agenda 21 globalist plan (part 1/4) :

    She described 10 years ago the climate change scam as a way (among others) to scare people and make them accept any kind of rules going against their own interest.

    She passed away in 2021.

  3. arn says:

    And just a day before von der Leyens (a superincompetent person who was allowed to run (down) several ministries in Germany incl. defense minister though she thinks that a Manpad is a sanitary napkin for males)
    threat to Italy they declared Hungary to not be a democracy and cut off 7.5 billions in fundings to them, as Hungary also has a peoples government and not globalist imposters von der Leyen and Zelensky style.
    The government of Hungary made also a deal with Russia to built 2 nuclear power plants.

    That’s what happens when real conservativs(who by definition are in the way of globalist oligarchs) get elected
    and not the typical RINO type as it happened in England where
    the people voted 3 “conservativs” in a row but got 3 times green neocommunistas into Downing Street 10.

    BUT as the Oligarchs have created the EU for the very purpose to undermine the sovereignty and control their economies and armies etc and eventually destroy their cultures and borders
    von der Leyen is just doing her real job,which means: She gets a piece of paper and must follow its instructions,no matter which laws,agreements,countries,values etc are in the way.

  4. conrad ziefle says:

    If the EU wants a fight, how about Italians cross the border into Germany and proselytize for individual freedoms and national integrity, also France? Work to make Italy stand on its own, make it business friendly and it won’t need EU help anymore.
    How about exporting Meloni Tee-shirts. What would the media and the EU think about a billion people wearing Meloni Tee-Shirts worldwide?

  5. ABK says:

    And one more: von der Leyen made the biggest deal ever in the EU. 35 billion! taxpayers Euros for the Pfizer vaccine. But she denies now to give any information about it when she was personally talking with Pfizer CEO Bourla in 2021. Some of the EU representatives a calling now for the attorney. I doubt that it will be prosecuted, the system is already too rotten. Years before as the leader of the Budeswehr she made deals with management consultand companies in which, unfortunately, her son and husband were involved and made a lot of money. As investigated, all the data about it was lost and deleted. Data that she had to keep by law. As a result she was not going to court but she was giving the presidency of the EU. In the elections right before, the people were told that, if elected, the job will be done by a total different person.
    You see, the madness is not only in the US, it´s everywhere in the western world. In Germany we are right now freezing and everybody is scared that we run out of energy this winter. Energy costs are now the highest in the world but we were told our change to renewals will be followed by everybody in this globe because of our smartness and high moral standards against climate change. Our inflation is skyrocketing and our economy is getting worser and worser. Once we belonged to the leading developed countries in this world with a strong industry and engineer skills. Once, right about 2 years ago. Now we got more professors in gender than ones in pharmacy. Angela Merkel shut down our modern power plants, flooded the country with uneducated muslim immigrants and sold us to Putin. And the Greens are now digging the grave just deeper. But our press still loves them and is calling any critic a fascist. And the voters believe the press. Sometimes here it feels like 1932. But this time there will be no US that helps us out of this insanity.

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