Bloomberg Wants To Deprive Electricity To The Rest Of New Yorkers

He still hasn’t gotten the electricity turned on in parts of Queens three months after Sandy, and now he wants to make sure that New York has a permanent inadequate supply of electricity.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Wednesday that the United States’ coal industry’s days are numbered.

“Even though the coal industry doesn’t totally know it yet or is ready to admit it, its day is done. … Here in the U.S., I’m happy to say, the king is dead. Coal is a dead man walking,” Bloomberg said at the Advanced Research Projects Agency — Energy (ARPA-E) Energy Innovation Summit near Washington, D.C.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: ‘Coal is a dead man walking’ – The Hill’s E2-Wire

He has already deprived New Yorkers of the ability to defend themselves, and now he wants to keep them cold and in the dark.

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11 Responses to Bloomberg Wants To Deprive Electricity To The Rest Of New Yorkers

  1. kirkmyers says:

    Bloomberg is a dedicated fascist and dangerous demagogue. Even Hitler’s jackboots refrained from goose-stepping around Berlin in search of outlawed beverages. The truly sad part? The people (now serfs) of New York City elected him.

  2. Jimbo says:

    “Coal is a dead man walking,…..”

    Oh really.

    The Ohio State University – 5 February 2013
    New Coal Technology Harnesses Energy Without Burning, Nears Pilot-Scale Development

    COLUMBUS, Ohio—A new form of clean coal technology reached an important milestone recently, with the successful operation of a research-scale combustion system at Ohio State University. The technology is now ready for testing at a larger scale.

    For 203 continuous hours, the Ohio State combustion unit produced heat from coal while capturing 99 percent of the carbon dioxide produced in the reaction…….

    “So we found a way to release the heat without burning. We carefully control the chemical reaction so that the coal never burns—it is consumed chemically, and the carbon dioxide is entirely contained inside the reactor.””

    I new something good would come out of the co2 obsession.

  3. NikFromNYC says:

    Thankfully I can enjoy cafes and casual lounges without suffering the obnoxious pollution of cigarette smokers, thanks to no nonsense mayors. Here professionals do not drink soda full of refined carbohydrates but coffee, tea, wine and lately home-carbonated NYC tap water, and unlike Middle America, there is no obesity epidemic here but making soda more expensive will hurt the poor, which we like, since it helps push them to just go away and leave the city. Being powered by a big nuclear plant just up the Hudson (and gas turbines) fewer coal plants means cleaner city air. The Drug War means that highly profitable gangsterism is our main crime worry, with theft being mostly due to the artificially high cost of street drugs, so serious gun control in our city is required to disarm muggers via warrantless pat downs.

    • Ahh .. the master race.

      • NikFromNYC says:

        Lately you have to include lots of savvy Asians who are great at number crunching, medical device engineering and such. Columbia campus is teaming with smart cute Asians, unlike the state school I suffered as an undergraduate where the hoards of anti-social Chinese students were ugly savages.

      • Blade says:

        It’s not fun watching Nik’s bipolar medication wear off. And he’s misleading all non New Yorkers.

        Last time I checked Indian Point supplied 30% of the massive NYC electric requirement. That’s a lot of juice, but nowhere near enough. NYC is a coal-fired city, always has been, always will be. The crap he is saying about killing coal displays his ability to shift into pollyanish Upper East Side thinking mode, which is to say no thinking whenever possible.

        The main reason that only a third comes from nuclear is because the father of the current Cuomo shutdown the 100% completed and ready-to-start Shoreham plant before it could ever generate a single joule. And, even as we speak the leftists are trying every trick in the book to kill the operating Indian Point reactors, and the chances are pretty much 50-50. So nothing Nik says makes any sense in the real world, as usual.

        Obsessing about the drug war is tiresome (although accidentally correct) because that prohibition is being eclipsed now by the leftist nanny-state near-prohibition of cigarettes, running about $10 a pack in town. This nonsense is expensive to all society because it has the unfortunate effect of spiking low-scale street crime, snatch and grabs to be able to afford the inflated price, the kind not often reported by the Mayor or FBI. So in a way it is justice, as they each deserve to get mugged since they have made normal life for the lower class extremely expensive all the while preserving their nice smoke-free latte joints. Nik should just say: “Let them eat Tofu”.

        When he mentions wine, he tips me off that he doesn’t come from the streets at all. His cafes and lounges are the big corporate gobbled up bars and pubs of the old days, now called Applebees or TGI Fridays or whatever chic hipster marketing they use now. Back in the day, spending time in those in friendly smoky pubs (which actually had character and soul, unlike the sterile yuppie cookie-cutter commercial crap) was a way to get away from people like him and Bloomberg.

      • Me says:

        He probably turns off the heat at home and wears a big sweater so he can brag about it to his starbucks friends err something.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Drug Prohibition seems to be doing a grand job there. Bloomberg and Al Capone have a lot in common, both being mayors and all.

    • Me says:

      Sounds like a version of Dr. Cocteau from the movie Demolition Man! 😆
      I never understood what that movie was about, but now it’s all too clear.

  4. I read about similar logic when a UK activist group which had been agitating for years for renewable energy targets for the energy sector then began to protest about sky rocketing energy prices. Apparently it was greedy energy companies and/or the government’s fault. Or maybe the majority of sane people should stop listening to fruitcakes?

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