Hansen Says All Coastal Cities Are Going To Drown In 80 Feet Of Water


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8 Responses to Hansen Says All Coastal Cities Are Going To Drown In 80 Feet Of Water

  1. Andy DC says:

    Maybe if an asteroid lands in the water. Otherwise that forecast is insane. As Gator and others have said, those living along the coastline for 50+ years have noticed no change. If there was something catastrophic in the works, wouldn’t those people have noticed something, like water lapping at their door? It simply has not happened.

  2. zip adee says:

    Hansen, McKitten et al. foam at the mouth with this drowning forecast. They desire population control/annihilation. Poor sufferers of cranialanalinsertitis.

  3. GeologyJim says:

    Propaganda’s most effective medium is visual because imagery (especially video) stimulates the emotional side of the brain. With Hollywood and enviro PR firms working overtime to support “The Cause”, it’s easy-as-pie for the alarmists to cook up shocking simulations for the low-info folk to worry over. And, of course, throw in the occasional weather event to show “convincingly” that it’s all happening right now!

    Simply doing a little back-of-envelope fact-checking against reality is JUST TOO HARD. Show the pictures, scare the masses, stir, repeat.

  4. tckev says:

    Output from Hansen’s broken games computer indicate that the seas will rise, unbelievable. Output from the man indicates he too is unbelievable, and as broken in his reasoning as his models.

  5. Wow.

    Last time I looked, his main office is at West 112th St. and Broadway, around 1500 feet or so away from the Hudson. And it’s only a seven story building.

    Somebody with Photoshop skills should take a picture of that building and add a “high water mark”, so Hansen will know how much time he has to move out.

    Remember, just a few years ago, (1988 or 1989) he predicted that the West Side Highway [which runs along the Hudson River] would be under water in 20 or 30 years. Using his references, that means we’re within the frame of seeing the road 1500 ft away from his office disappear.

    He should rent the moving van now…

  6. miked1947 says:

    I am sure glad the sea level is rising so fast! That will give me a great return on the Ocean front property I bought in the Smokey Mountains!

  7. Lou says:

    It is truly amazing what a$$holes we have that claim to be leading us.

    Let us posit that “global warming” is somehow occurring. In order for the sea levels to rise some ice that currently exists on dry land has to melt; this above the amount of water that is becoming ice on land. 90% of this ice exists in Antarctica. The ice pack on Antarctica is GROWING.

    Ergo the sea levels are FALLING. You probably have to measure to the mm level to detect this but none the less the sea levels are FALLING.


  8. Lou says:

    The “global warming” nut cases made a real STRATEGIC mistake with this “rising sea levels” nonsense. Any ten year old lad can take a daily measure of the seas should he live within a mile or two of the ocean.

    They should have stuck to scientific mumbo-jumbo no one could understand like an atmospheric increase of 3 parts per trillion of some exotic compound no one had heard of let alone could measure.

    How smart can they be?

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