Canadian Cities May Set All-Time Record Low Temperatures This Week

Mann-made global warming strikes again.

“Where the sky is clear all night and winds become calm, temperatures along the United States/Canada border could drop to minus 30 F,” Canada Weather Expert Brett Anderson said. Some major cities in Canada have a chance at reaching all-time record lows, provided the right conditions occur, including Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa, Ontario.

Brutally cold weather on the way for much of U.S. and Canada | Safety content from Fleet Owner

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13 Responses to Canadian Cities May Set All-Time Record Low Temperatures This Week

  1. Dmh says:

    Impressive, 2014 is predicted to be the year when climate cooling will accelerate. There are lots of ice on the polar regions, and solar forcing seems favorable. Let’s watch closely how the N. Atlactic will fare, if the AMO shows any sign of flipping.

  2. nigelf says:

    Timmins Ont. is currently -37C and was -36C yesterday morning.
    I’m not looking forward to this coming global warming this week.

  3. stewart pid says:

    Walking the dog at -20C in Calgary last night it did feel a little nippy … just like the good old days when I was growing up in the ’60’s and 70’s ……… what goes around appears to have indeed come around. I wonder how long the chicken little climate changers will claim the cold is the result of the warmth which is on vacation and hiding ________ (fill in hiding place de jour) before they throw in the towel.
    Have a great 2014 folks!!!

  4. -25 C here on the lake just north of Toronto. Of the last 7 winters, prob. 5 have been far worse than average. We had snow in April 4 years back…. Can’t wait until a warm day in March ’14 when the Eco Fascists and climatetards will be screaming that a +10C day in March is the hottest day in the earth’s history and proof that a natural trace chemical necessary for life is really an evil toxin…..

  5. Hugh K says:

    Earth releasing it’s second chakra? Kind of hard to save the planet when the planet won’t cooperate. Maybe if the alarmists hold their breath long enough mother gaia will relent…

  6. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Gaia meets the Great White North and gets mugged.

  7. Lance says:

    Central Canada getting cold…yippee!! We will send them our dirty oil/gas to keep them warm!! Helps our Alberta economy!

    • Don says:

      Mercury is a big problem though, they have to filter that out as it will become a massive problem. Can’t be dumping it as they’ve been doing. We can both have the oil and a clean environment.

  8. Phil Jones says:

    Record Cold??

    Don’t look for THIS Climate news to be widely reported… It will be ignored like the record Ice this year… Another Inconvenient Truth!!

  9. John says:

    I see Brandon, Manitoba was -38F with a wind chill of -62F at 6:00 AM this morning, normal low is -8F.

  10. GregO says:

    The Warmunist reply:

    “It’s just weather, weather, weather, La! La! La! – I can’t hear yooouuuu!!!!!

    But hold on… according to the good old-fashioned Man-Made Global Warming, theory, you know, CO2, Man-Made, heat-trapping CO2; weren’t the northern latitudes (Canada?) suppose to get warmer first? What! Not happening yet?

    Who stole my Global Warming Theory!

  11. leftinflagstaff says:

    When cold is caused by cold again, how will we know?

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