A Good Visualization Of The Increase In Corruption At NASA Since 1999

As of 1999, NASA (red below) was doing a minimal amount of tampering with the US temperature record. They were only cooling the 1930’s by about 0.1C relative to present temperatures. Measured temperatures are green.

ScreenHunter_1913 Jan. 17 06.13

Compare that to their current version, which cools the 1930’s by nearly 0.7C relative to present temperatures.

ScreenHunter_1914 Jan. 17 06.26

According to NOAA documentation, they use the same TOBS correction as they were using in 1999. So the only reasonable explanation is that they are intentionally corrupting the temperature record.

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12 Responses to A Good Visualization Of The Increase In Corruption At NASA Since 1999

  1. Brian D says:

    You are absolutely right, Steve. The TOB correction isn’t the real problem here. It’s the final corrections that are totally bogus. The TOB correction is far from perfect as well. I have gone through my own investigation and found the monthly TOB can be as much as +/- 0.5 or more off from the correction they make for it. Weather is the issue with that.
    I have the Mpls/St. Paul record (USHCN) from the previous version. The new USHCN incorporated GHCN which really cooled the past of that record. It has no TOB correction because it was a mid-mid station for its life. One can also look at it’s history from this link here.

  2. matayaya says:

    Steve, the bottom graph you show of US temperatures is not a NASA data. The top line of your bottom graph titled US Temperatures, is US temperatures; but the bottom line of your US Temperatures graph is not US temperatures but global temperatures.. That bottom line is not a corrupted NASA data of the US temperature from the 1930s as you suggest. NASA was trying to simply make the point that the US was warmer in the 1930s than the rest of the world.

    • NASA uses the same NOAA GHCN data set. You might want to learn something about the topic you are debating..

      • matayaya says:

        You show how it is much easier to throw up disinformation than it is to rebut it. Real science is actual work. I see why climate scientist just don’t bother after awhile.

      • NASA is simply tampering with data.

        • matayaya says:

          Steve, I took your challenge to learn more about the temperature record. Your post about a corrupt NASA and NOAA is unfounded. Anyone interested in how real peer reviewed science works should check out this study from NOAA about why and how the temperature record is derived. tp://ftp.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/ushcn/v2/monthly/menne-etal2009.pdf
          It is far more complex than you would have your audience believe. Instead of corrupt people doing make work to justify their jobs, you see very serious scientist doing their utmost to be completely transparent in their goals and methods. It is easy for people like you Steve to sit on the sidelines and throw cheap shots to entertain your audience. Real science is hard work.

        • gator69 says:

          So according to the data tamperers, UHI only effects minimum temperatures, and ALL adjustments cool the past and warm the present. Maybe you are as dumb as you present yourself.

        • Actual adjustments are almost 400% of what is documented by menne et al.
          That document is one of the most damning pieces of evidence against them.

    • Only Nuccitelli himself could make so many gratuitously wrong statements in one poorly written paragraph.

  3. gator69 says:

    This is not just a condemnation of NASA, it is condemnation of the likes of matayaya. Drones never question their leaders.

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