EPA Says That Winter 2014 Wasn’t Cold In The US

The propagandists running the US government are really pushing their luck with this one. The EPA claims that the past winter wasn’t cold in the US.

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High and Low Temperatures | Climate Change | US EPA

The Commerce Department says that contraction of the economy was due to the unusually cold winter, which the EPA says didn’t occur.

The U.S. economy contracted much more than previously thought during the first quarter of this year, revised estimates show. Rather than the 1 percent growth the Commerce Department reported last month, gross domestic product fell by 2.9 percent, the worst performance in five years. That brings total growth down by 3 percent since the government first reported its estimates in April. ….  the economy’s woes have been largely blamed on an unusually cold winter

U.S. Economy Contracted Almost 3 Percent in First Quarter – NBC News.com

Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama has destroyed all credibility of the US and the US government.

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18 Responses to EPA Says That Winter 2014 Wasn’t Cold In The US

  1. cg says:

    Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Winter 2014 was the Worst Manmade Weather — and EPA LIES About it is Worldwide Propaganda to UNDO with an End-RUN Lie so as to fool the rest of the World that The U.S. is now under the Dictatorship of Obama and his ilk who are covering up his lies probably due to being Blackmailed and Threatened into silence.

  2. Keitho says:

    Well one branch of government is lying because they both can’t be right.

    • stewart pid says:

      Don’t discount the possibility that both (all) branches of government are lying … maybe just not about the same thing at the same time 😉

      • Keitho says:

        True enough Stu, these boys lie by default. They lie even when they don’t have to just to keep their hand in. 🙂

    • Hugh K says:

      Congress could force the heads of these two Departments to come and testify which agency is actually telling the truth, but based on recent history, they would probably plead the fifth. What we need here is an authority on lying — If 0 wasn’t constantly on the road raising campaign/presidential library cash (or as he put it; “…doing my job”), we could get the 2014 Liar of the Year to weigh in on this issue.

  3. Chip Bennett says:

    Well-done, Minitrue; well-done.

  4. SteveO says:

    “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” GO, 1984

  5. Brian G Valentine says:

    China loves this stuff because they just pick up lost manufacturing. And they get to own more of the US by picking up debt.

    Russia loves this stuff because the US can’t export anything to Europe.

  6. Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama has destroyed all credibility of the US and the US government.

    The criticism of the award as premature and undeserved was wrong. The Norwegian Nobel Committee understood that President Obama would deliver on their expectations.

  7. B says:

    The credibility was gone long before Obama, just more people notice it now.

  8. Don says:

    Which is worse however, the government lies, or the media playing merrily along with the lies? Free press? More like a media-government complex at work.

  9. Dave in Ann Arbor says:

    The U.S. government lost its credibility ages ago. Just more of the same old, same old.

    • _Jim says:

      Didn’t the founding fathers foresee this? The reason they wanted cheques and balances, a bureau of weights and measures even?

      Or am I thinking of something else?


      /sarc (for the ‘hot whopper’ and Sou crowd)

  10. Chewster says:

    And the Winter down south is quite mild too 😉

  11. Andy DC says:

    All those Great Lakes froze and remained frozen for later in the season than ever before because it was actually a very mild winter (sarc).

  12. TomC says:

    1995-96 was also a VERY cold winter. It’s dragging the bottom of the EPA chart.

  13. Dave N says:

    Two government departments are at odds with each other. Who knew?

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