NASA’s Impressive Rate Of Data Tampering

No graph is more damning of NASA/NOAA temperature adjustments than this one. This is the rate of change to the NASA US temperature record since 1999.

On average, 1999 gets 0.02C warmer every year, and the 1940s get about 0.005C colder every year. The pre-1960 past continually gets colder with almost each new NASA data release, and the post-1960 past continuously gets warmer.

If the present refuses to get warmer, then the past must become cooler. How could anyone possibly believe these adjustments are legitimate?

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18 Responses to NASA’s Impressive Rate Of Data Tampering

  1. nigelf says:

    Many years in prison for the perpetrators of this scam, beginning with those employed by the US gov. and then down through academia and then the private sector. Such a huge pool of people that need to be made an example of.

    • kirkmyers says:

      I agree. The harm they’ve done to humanity is incalculable. Perhaps, they can be prosecuted under the RICO Act.

      Our economic and political freedoms are under attack. We are waging a life-and-death battle against an axis of radical Luddites, unethical grant-seeking scientists, and corporate and political power brokers who want to shut down our modern industrial economy, saddle us with confiscatory energy taxes, and enact a draconian system of bureaucratic controls that will turn daily life into a living hell.

    • Ratt Stone says:

      I agree also, it just drives my blood pressure thru the roof when Obama calls us flat-earthers when you know dayyam well they are fudging the Data on a Large Scale. Hopefully, one day when the Conservatives are back in control, heads will roll.

  2. Latitude says:

    had to check to be sure I could find it later……it’s in “tracking climate fraud”

  3. kirkmyers says:

    And, of course, all of the NASA/NOAA adjustments just happen to confirm their proposition that the earth is warming. What a coincidence!

    Why waste time with temperature infilling and TOBS and homogenization adjustments. Just break out a Ouija board? I would be just as scientific.

  4. manicbeancounter says:


    Last month I did my own check on GISTEMP and HADCRUT figures, comparing with the those I downloaded in 2011. It seems that GISTEMP has corrected some of data – or at least brought into line with HADCRUT.
    In particular:-
    1. In 2011 GISTEMP was showing decadal warming rates for 1998 to 2010 of 0.193, HADCRUT .023. Now they show .105 and .088.
    2. For the early C20th warming in 2011 GISTEMP showed decadal warming rates of .096, HADCRUT .161. Now they show .147 and .141.
    3. For the early C20th warming in 2011 GISTEMP showed the peak year as 1940, HADCRUT 1944. Both series now show 1944 as being the peak.

    (Figures derived from OLS trends of annual averages)

    I would agree that GISTEMP keeps on changing to tell a story. However, they recognize that they were telling a different story to other data sets. So they have likely worked towards a consensus. That does not mean that the figures are more reliable.

  5. Len says:

    What a joke. Thanks for posting this!

  6. kirkmyers says:

    The land-based thermometer record has become a depressing joke. The USHCN and GHCN datasets no longer can be trusted — for all the reasons detailed on this blog by Steve Goddard. The RSS and UAH satellite measurements, which remain un-manipulated and untainted, show no global warming in more than 17 years.

  7. emsnews says:

    Worse: they are creating CHAOS.

    Remember the old ‘Get Smart’ TV comedy show? This temperature meddling is very much like an episode with CHAOS trying to convince the West to deindustrialize and not use coal or chemicals. 🙂

  8. This sham is Barack of Arabia’s excuse for destroying the coal industry and crushing America’s chances for energy independence. We need a House of Reps committee to investigate, put NOAA and NASA bigs under oath, and (hopefully) find a trail to the Oval Office. One more impeachable offense, tampering with official government records with fraudulent intent. Felonies for all concerned, even civilians who aid and abet the government employees’ fraud. Call your lawyer, Heidi; and carry a toothbrush at all times.

  9. rw says:

    If it continues to cool, then at some point even the people at Reason are going to have to acknowledge that these guys are fiddling with the temperature record.

  10. Steve Case says:

    manicbeancounter at 5:51 pm

    Motivated me to go into my old files.

    Here’s a plot of the changes made to Gistemp September 2008 to May 2014:

    Twelve month running average and trend

  11. gregole says:

    In searching around the ‘net found this:

    This is excellent. It needs greater distribution – excellent points being made about data-creation, infilling, averaging, et al. Check. It. Out.

  12. philjourdan says:

    THey believe it because it is their faith.

  13. BallBounces says:

    We all know the earth is warming, but the warming is somehow being suppressed. Could present-day warmth suppression be somehow causing past temperatures to cool due to some kind of weird quantum flux effect?

  14. john says:

    Barack Obama is the foremost statesman of our day. But only in the sense of shouting “Fore” most.

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