US Summer Afternoon Temperatures Plummeting For 95 Years

In direct contrast to the deliberate misinformation being spread by Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central, Summer afternoons used to be much hotter in the US.

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17 Responses to US Summer Afternoon Temperatures Plummeting For 95 Years

  1. daveandrews723 says:

    Is NOAA also deliberately changing temp. history?

    • _Jim says:

      You have to understand, livelihoods are at stake here; from the very bottom of the organization up though the hierarchical ‘stack’ to the very highest (nominative and elected) levels.

      Rewards for positive performance reviews, departmental/divisional bonuses and other pay incentives as well as promotions hang in the balance. ‘Team play’ is expected of all members ‘on the team’, and failure to ‘play’ results in demotions, freeze in pay at the present level. Consequently, everybody in the organization, as seem from outside and on the ‘surface’ at least plays the game. To do otherwise is professional suicide.


  2. John says:

    There is an incredible amount of statistical manipulation and nearly evil levels of mistruth on this blog. Read the papers people, don’t trust hacks like this guy to bring you the info. There is no temperature fraud, it’s just a really complicated system (that NASA has explained in numerous reports) and “Goddard” (it’s an alias) has no reason to tell it to you straight. NASA agreed that 1934 is the hottest year on record but what that doesn’t change is the 5 year mean values at any point in time, which is what CLIMATE, not TEMPERATURE, is all about. Even other notable skeptics say that asserting that NASA is fudging data is completely false.

    • Dougmanxx says:

      You must be talking about this:

      06_26_2014 USH00331592 1934 114 -533 277 1030 1851 2441 2627 2259 2062e 1311 830 18 0

      06_29_2014 USH00331592 1934 113 -534 276 1029 1850 2440 2626 2258 2061e 1310 829 17 0

      07_01_2014 USH00331592 1934 99 -547 262 1016 1837 2427 2613 2245 2048e 1297 816 4 0

      07_02_2014 USH00331592 1934 100 -546 263 1017 1838 2428 2614 2246 2049e 1298 817 5 0

      07_07_2014 USH00331592 1934 118 -528 281 1035 1856 2446 2632 2270 2073e 1322 841 29 0

      07_10_2014 USH00331592 1934 122 -525 285 1038 1859 2449 2635 2273 2076e 1325 844 32 0

      Oh wait. Never mind, that's a cut and paste from NOAA...

      For those interested, this is Circleville Ohio, that Paul Homewood did a post about. It got me curious, so I looked at my archived versions of the USHCN dataset. The temperature for January 1934 has fluctuated between 9.9C and 12.2C over the last 2 weeks. That pesky 80 year old weather keeps on changing!

      • Dougmanxx says:

        Dammit. Forget the closing tag, I sincerely apologize. Steve feel free to edit or delete this goof up as necessary.

    • _Jim says:

      re: John July 12, 2014 at 4:41 pm

      John, is your ‘job’ somehow on the line at NOAA or NASA?

      Were you a ‘low performer’ (literally: an under-performing employee) during KPA (as determined during a Key Personnel Assessment) this last quarter?

      Did you perhaps draw the short straw to get this duty? Or lose a bet of some sort?

      Is your last name Karl or Wigley by any chance?

      Do you know a poster (possibly a fellow employee you may have met in the break or lunch room) who goes by the pseudonym Broadlands?


    • Latitude says:

      Even other notable skeptics say that asserting that NASA is fudging data is completely false…..

      Name just one……………

    • There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

      John ‘says’ said this:
      “There is an incredible amount of statistical manipulation and nearly evil levels of mistruth on this blog. Read the papers… don’t trust hacks …to bring you the info. There is no temperature fraud, it’s just a really complicated system…”

      Needless to say my hack alarm went off when I read John’s words. John is so up to date that he seems to believe that human beings still read ink and cellulous newspapers. I find that so charming in a 19th Century-ish sort of way. Besides being a charming scamp John-also skips around between CLIMATE and TEMPERATURE or between TEMPERATURE and CLIMATE like he was a sand flea. I doubt that the last ice age was a 4 or even a 5 year climate abnormality for that matter. Climate instead should be measured in milliminums, not in mere decades or even centuries. A system like the Earth’s which is 4,000,000,000 years old and counting deserves nothing less.

      Yes John, temperature fraud like you suggest is a really complicated system of statistical manipulation. Fortunately we have people like you on the job to assure that the evil manipulation and fraud is up to government specs.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      What about the current behavior of the federal government is supposed to make me believe a word you are saying? Breaking and changing laws at the EPA, Justice, and the IRS or just ignoring them? Persecution of civilians because of their religious or political views? Tarring and feathering of scientists who dare to take a different scientific viewpoint, even when they have data to support it. NASA and NOAA playing with temperature data is nothing if it weren’t being used to push America into a socialist state (being polite here). So whom should we believe? Someone who calls himself John who is defending a government who has been shown to be lying and vengeful, or a private citizen who has worked with climate data and who is apparently concerned about the fraud he is seeing there. Take a guess, useful idiot.

      • _Jim says:

        re: Ernest Bush July 12, 2014 at 7:47 pm
        What about the current behavior of the federal government is supposed to make me believe a word you are saying?

        From somewhere in our long-ago forgotten past someone wrote this:

        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights … [and] That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

        I think this monkey business with jockeying temperatures is going to, and has affected ‘safety’. When governments plan according to ‘forecasts’ and buy less salt for the roads and don’t bother to get all the snow plows ready for winter, that affects safety …

    • philjourdan says:

      Sell your snake oil elsewhere. Only Morons are not aware of who Goddard is, and unlike your high priests, he releases all data AND code.

      What is false is your god.

  3. KTM says:

    This doesn’t take into account the possibility that high temps measured in the afternoon may have been double counted in the past. This doesn’t affect record temps, but it is plausible that reported average max temps would be affected.

    Since you are less averse to segregating the data in interesting ways than many people, is it possible to pool/average data collected in the afternoon vs. morning measurements?

    Afternoon measurements could double count Tmax values, but certainly wouldn’t double count Tmin values. So I think the “pure” measurement to track temperature trends over time for afternoon stations would be the Tmin, while Tmax should be thrown out. Likewise, morning measurements could double count Tmin values, but certainly wouldn’t double count Tmax values. So throw out the ‘biased’ Tmin and chart the trend of the ‘pure’ Tmax for all morning stations.

    For each station that changed observation time from afternoon to morning, just shift the trend metric from Tmin to Tmax at that point and see how the trend hold up.

  4. gregole says:

    USHCN – Hours of fun; been trolling around there checking out Arizona temperatures the better part of the day. Haven’t found any warming yet except for the data-artifact Man-Made kind described here and elsewhere.

    Every time I spend time at this, I am amazed how stable the temperatures are, of course ignoring all the needless adjustments and in-fills. But even with artificial manipulations, there just isn’t much change. You’d think with all that CO2 Mankind is releasing into the atmosphere, we’d be warming the planet; you know, dangerous Man-Made imbalance, tipping points, that sort of thing. Can’t find any in Arizona today – and it’s not like I haven’t been trying!

    Perhaps all that Man-Made CO2 isn’t really all that much.

  5. mellyrn says:

    Afternoon temps falling — despite UHI effect, no less. Brr.

  6. Brian H says:

    Lame, John, really lame.

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