Something Rotten At NCEP

Joe Bastardi tweeted this NCEP analysis to me, and alarm bells immediately went off in my head. The 1953 NCEP map is nonsense.

ScreenHunter_3336 Sep. 29 18.37

September, 1953 was an incredibly hot month in the eastern US, from start to finish. Most of Illinois and Indiana were over 100 degrees on this date in 1953.

ScreenHunter_3335 Sep. 29 18.34

Maximum temperatures during September 1953 averaged six degrees warmer than this September. Yet NCEP says this year is hotter.

ScreenHunter_3337 Sep. 29 19.13

September, 1953 was much hotter than this September.


What is going on?

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2 Responses to Something Rotten At NCEP

  1. gw says:

    Covering their tracks. Too many loose ends around, being exposed.

  2. KTM says:

    If you look at the maps, you see that it’s not an “analysis”, it’s a “reanalysis”. Big difference.

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