Advancing Alaskan Glacier

The Margerie Glacier in Alaska is nearly identical to what it looked like in 1941, and has been advancing for the past couple of decades.

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Margerie Glacier 1941-2003

Margerie Glacier is about 1-mile wide, with an ice face that is about 250 feet high above the waterline, but with its base about 100 feet below sea level. The glacier is about 21 miles long and extends into snow-fields in the Fairweather Range where elevations exceed 9000 feet. The ice flows about 2000 feet per year, or about 6 feet per day. It has been advancing about 30 feet per year for the past couple of decades.

Glacier Bay National Park’s Glaciers, A Primer | National Parks Traveler

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3 Responses to Advancing Alaskan Glacier

  1. SMS says:

    An advancing glacier! Must be global warming. Retreating glacier! must be global warming. Greenland ice increasing! must be global warming. Greenland ice decreasing! Must be global warming.

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    Everything can be explained with global warming because global warming is omniscient and omnipresent. It’s very convenient for the acolytes when the current fraud has such a god-like attribute.

  2. Laser says:

    It’s not about global warming. That’s just the sheepskin. it’s about…

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