Heatwaves Are A Thing Of The Past In Wisconsin

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Wisconsin used to have long stretches over 90 degrees, like 1901 and 1916 which each had 21 consecutive days over 90 degrees. Heatwaves like that never happen any more, and the average heat wave length has dropped by almost 50%.

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4 Responses to Heatwaves Are A Thing Of The Past In Wisconsin

  1. darrylb says:

    Also in MN.
    This summer the temp rarely hit 90 deg F. and then barely
    In many years of the assault of the 1930’s the temp actually averaged (mean daily) 90
    for several summer months and the temp on most days was over 100, sometimes over 105 deg F.
    I also have temp records available for all U.S. of America locations including Alaska and Hawaii.

  2. emsnews says:

    The vandals cooled down the Dust Bowl years to the point, it looks more like Antarctic weather. This ridiculous business is a crime against science and the perpetrators should be arrested for fraud.

  3. we are actually experiencing a heatwave this week but the temps haven’t reached 90F yet; it is funny that many Wisconsinites would rather face sub-zero than +90F +++ for the record, since 1/1/15, we had 28 days days that started sub-zero +++ five days have reached or exceeded 90F with our high temp for the year at 92F. Guess we are just resigned to the fact that it gets cold here in the Winter.

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