Holdren’s Dream Of Wrecking The US Energy Supply

Over 40 years ago, Obama science czar announced his desire to wreck the US energy supply. He said he preferred “too little (energy) too late

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The Windsor Star – Google News Archive Search

Now he has a president (and a pope) who also want to wreck the US energy supply

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3 Responses to Holdren’s Dream Of Wrecking The US Energy Supply

  1. SMS says:

    Good response Joe Bastardi to the Pope, and by extension people like Obama and Holdren about the role energy plays in our lives.


  2. Tab Numlock says:

    These guys are just fronts. There’s a certain ethnic group that wants to de-industrialize the West. They think a highly advanced industrial Western country once put them in gas chambers. Never again.

  3. James the Elder says:

    Beheadings seem a mite more of a concern to that certain ethnic group these days.

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