The September 1895 Heatwave in Ohio

Hillsboro, Ohio hasn’t had a 100 degree day in over 60 years, but prior to 1960 they were fairly common. In 1895, they had ten 100 degree days, including eight in September.  On this date in 1895, it was 104 degrees – twenty five degrees warmer than today’s forecast maximum.

ScreenHunter_3145 Sep. 22 09.25

ScreenHunter_3144 Sep. 22 09.19

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5 Responses to The September 1895 Heatwave in Ohio

  1. Steve Case says:

    Thanks for the link with the sea of numbers. After figuring out how to unscramble it and finding their “Read Me” file, I find the following months with 100° records:
    yyyy,mm deg F
    1895.50 100.04
    1895.58 100.94
    1895.66 105.08
    1897.50 105.08
    1897.66 100.94
    1898.50 104
    1901.50 102.02
    1911.50 100.04
    1911.58 100.04
    1914.41 100.04
    1914.50 100.94
    1918.58 100.94
    1930.50 100.04
    1930.58 100.04
    1934.50 100.94
    1936.50 102.02
    1944.58 100.04
    1946.66 100.04
    1948.50 100.04
    1948.58 102.92
    1949.50 102.02
    1949.58 100.04
    1952.50 100.94
    1953.58 100.04
    1953.66 100.94
    1964.58 100.04
    1988.50 100.04
    2007.58 100.04
    2011.66 100.04

    I didn’t count individual days, but I do see the slug of high temperatures prior to 1900 but I also see a smattering of months with 100° records since 1955. Well four to be accurate about it.

    • tonyheller says:

      I’m actually doing the comparison vs. 38C, which is 100.4 degrees. Your count of 1895 temperatures is way off.

      • Steve Case says:

        Thanks for the reply, I did what the other side will do when your book comes out. They are going to pick the fly specks out of the pepper on everything you say. Having to say what you actually did is supplying them with ammunition to claim you are a crank. Well, you’re NOT a crank. The stuff you are turning up and I assume will make it into a book some day should be as squeaky clean as you can make it.

  2. Eliza says:

    More evidence of lying by NOAA its actually 35.2C (in my patio with digital thermometer under shade calibrated) which is rural 20 km from the airport where they are reporting 38C this has been happening for years now.So about 2 to 3C every day now forest least 5 years to make sure the team.Lying link from wunderbar

    • James the Elder says:

      NOAA records show 96F the highest temp registered at the Richmond, VA station for this summer. During the “Dog Days” of August that would normally be a respite from the real heat.

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