Katherine Hayhoe Continues To Ramp Up Her Fraud To Spectacular New Levels

Katharine Hayhoe: Scientist faithfully charts the math of climate change

Today, we know the climate is changing. It isn’t just because of thermometers and satellite observations. In total, we have more than 26,500 different natural indicators of a warming planet. Trees are budding earlier, birds and bees are moving poleward, glaciers and ice caps are melting, and sea level is rising.

We also know humans are responsible. Climate scientists study natural cycles, and how things changed in the past, and we know today that the climate should be getting gradually cooler — and it isn’t. If you get 100 scientists in a room and ask them the number one reason for climate change, at least 97 will agree that humans are why the climate is changing.

Katharine Hayhoe: Scientist faithfully charts the math of climate change | Faith Values | lancasteronline.com

Katherine is getting completely shameless with her lies. Cherry blossoms are blooming later in DC. Recent years have been record late.

ScreenHunter_7876 Mar. 13 08.51Bloom Watch | National Cherry Blossom Festival

Glaciers have been melting and sea level rising for 20,000 years. It has nothing to do with humans.

Post-Glacial_Sea_Level (2)

Only 52% of American Meteorological Society members believe global warming is primarily Mann-made, not 97% as Hayhoe claims.

screenhunter_4744-nov-20-08-48 (1)


Katherine isn’t “faithfully charting the numbers” – rather she is lying through her teeth and defrauding the evangelical community.

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4 Responses to Katherine Hayhoe Continues To Ramp Up Her Fraud To Spectacular New Levels

  1. Aphan says:

    “Hayhoe…Haaaaayhoe, daylight come an me won go home”. Sorry, I hear the Banana Boat Song in my head whenever I see her name.

    She clearly has a problem with basic logic too. Because if she’s using the Cooked et al soundbite, if you put 100 scientists in a room, 32.2 of them would agree that humans have some sort of impact on climate, .8 of them would disagree, and the remaining 66% wouldn’t have an opinion on it at all.

    Or if you put 100 “doubting” scientists in a room, 97 of them would not agree that humans are the reason the climate is changing.

    And the paper recently published by Purdue in Environmental Research Letters demonstrated that scientists who work in geology/earth sciences, engineering, physics, astronomy, ocean/marine science, meteorology, biology, agriculture, chemistry, or natural resources are considered “Non-Climate disciplines” and are merely part of the “broader field of science”. So if you had 100 scientists in a room from any of those backgrounds, then what they believe doesn’t matter anyway!

  2. NoMoreGore says:

    Gotta wonder what drives these individuals to lie like this. She may simply be a progstain who claims to have a conservative bent. There seem to be plenty of those. Progs are kind of like Anorexics: They choose that which destroys them. They’re extremely insecure and cling to one another in terror. Many I know seem to want to swarm into a communal nest. It’s disturbing, actually.

    • Justa Joe says:

      Money – Lil’ Miss Hayhoe is pocketing big bucks selling the hokum. As you guessed she’s also a big lefty really.

      With all of the claimed climate migration northward why has Hayhoe migrated Canada to Texas?

  3. Andy Oz says:

    #9 Thou shalt not bear false witness.

    Katherine’s deity may have a special warm place for her in a few decades time.
    Then she will be correct in saying “Its getting warmer.”

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