Mind Blowing Temperature Fraud From NASA In Greenland

GHCN temperatures for Nuuk, Greenland show a sharp cooling trend over the past decade, of more than 3°C

ScreenHunter_10326 Sep. 06 07.06


NASA data is based on GHCN, so it should be the same. But they don’t show much cooling over the past decade.

station (5)

They accomplished this through a spectacular hockey stick of data tampering, which has raised recent temperatures more than 2.5 degrees relative to the 1960’s.

ScreenHunter_10333 Sep. 06 10.00

But the fraud is much worse than it seems. Over the past four years, GISS has also wiped out Greenland’s warm past. Greenland is much cooler now than it was 75 years ago, and NASA has to hide that fact in order to keep their fraudulent Greenland meltdown story intact.


NASA GISS data is managed by Gavin Schmidt of RealClimate, whose other most famous member is fraudster Michael E Mann.


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4 Responses to Mind Blowing Temperature Fraud From NASA In Greenland

  1. Taphonomic says:

    In a post at WUWT, Christopher Monckton used a term that describes this perfectly: “tamperature”


  2. Steve Case says:


    Good one!

  3. Ray says:

    Despite starting out in the 8080-Z80. S100, TRS-80 days when our crude machines cost half as much as a car , , Never had any interest in having html pages out in public..
    Beyond helping some noob get his Apache daemon simply configured, just haven had much to do with it.

    But now,, i have just started an untitled page collection to help in my forum posting,
    ( i doubt it will look any more refined than my forum commentary scribble )I use a lot of linked material from here and elsewhere, (often with a lot more narrative) and assume that as long as i don’t claim such as my own, link back to the source pages, that’s ok,, still no interest in having a “blog” . . Amusing it requires 88X more time to render in html the content of a forum post. So Tony, assuming you do not object.
    https://spahz.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/simple/ (call it my “climate ball” support)

    Spent some time in the trove archives myself looking for newspapers documenting the AMO plot .. the same theme that you have pursued of late,, Feel free to take any you wish,, spent some time in the trove archive correcting the OCR texts of the pages i have pulled, my way of “giving back”.

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