More On Obama’s Spectacular Glacier Fraud

The fraudster in chief hiked at the Exit Glacier in Alaska last week, and said that he could slow down melting by shutting down America’s reliable energy supply.

According to US Park Service documents, the Exit Glacier melt rate has dropped in half over the last 125 years.

ScreenHunter_2934 Sep. 06 12.40

ScreenHunter_2831 Sep. 01 18.11 Retreat of Exit Glacier.pdf

There wasn’t one word of truth to Obama’s fraudulent climate claims in Alaska. His goal is injure America, and he is doing it with the willing compliance of the press.

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3 Responses to More On Obama’s Spectacular Glacier Fraud

  1. Gary H says:

    I presented this information to the reporters at the LAT’s and their editors, who were reporting this garbage with such glee last week, as well as a couple of the AP writers.

    No interest there.

  2. jmrsudbury says:

    I misread your title. I thought it read Moron Obama…


    John M Reynolds

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