Shameless Data Fraud At NASA Continues

I’ve updated NASA’s surface temperature graphs to include their latest 2015 fraud. You can see how they have doubled 1880-1980 warming since their 1982 version, and are continuing to continuing to cool the past and add additional fraud on to all of their post 1980 temperatures, every year.


All global warming over the past 19 years is due to data tampering by criminals at government agencies, and long term warming has been more than doubled since 1982 by these same criminals.

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3 Responses to Shameless Data Fraud At NASA Continues

  1. sonic says:

    It would be interesting to see an extrapolation of the data given the current rate of adjustments.
    What will it look like in 2030 given the current rate of change?

  2. ColA says:

    Tony, this is great work as usual, you have been showing these graphs for a long time now but I find it hard to compare the different changes because of the different scales and graph changes – it would be terrific if you could start with the 1982 graph and lay the 2002 and then 2014 and finally the 2015 one on top of the other on the same graph, it should be easy to do with Excel. I think it would show data tampering criminals up very clearly.

    Oh ……. and then extrapolate each to 2030 just for a giggle for Sonic!

  3. Andy Oz says:

    There is no doubt that 120 ppm of CO2 cools the past by at least 1 degC.

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