Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Cynthia Rosenzweig Of NASA

Check out this mind-blowing sea level fraud from Cynthia Rosenzweig of NASA. She claims that Florida launch sites are threatened by sea level rise.

ScreenHunter_3022 Sep. 11 01.54

Climate change could submerge rocket launch sites, warns NASA | New Scientist

The Cape Canaveral launch pad is at 22 feet, or 670 cm elevation.

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Satellites show sea level at Cape Canaveral rising 2.49 mm/year since 1992.

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Interactive Sea Level Time Series Wizard | CU Sea Level Research Group

Long term tide gauges in Florida also show about 2.5 mm/year, and no acceleration in sea level rise over the last century.

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Data and Station Information for KEY WEST

It will take 2,700 years for the launch pad to drown, and sea level will rise 9 cm by 2050 – not the 20 cm that Rosenzweig claims.  To put her idiotic claim in perspective, it is the equivalent of Bronze Age people making infrastructure forecasts for the year 2015.

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What motivates NASA people to make these wildly fraudulent claims?

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5 Responses to Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Cynthia Rosenzweig Of NASA

  1. Stephen Richards says:

    What motivates NASA people to make these wildly fraudulent claims?

    Kenyan money?

  2. Billyjack says:

    NASA since Apollo is nothing more than another corrupt bureaucracy, employing marginal scientists that couldn’t find a job in the private sector.

  3. Hew Manatee says:

    Bronze Age people were smarter than that. They also had real isuues to deal with.

  4. J.P. Travis says:

    Like Hew, I, too, object to the implied insult to Bronze Age people.

  5. oeman50 says:

    Let’s see. If the claim that the sea will rise 20 cm by 2050 and actually may triple (lets see the error bars on that pig) is taken at face value, that means the sea will rise by 1 m in 58 years. Is that less than 5 meters? Meanwhile, the humans who built rockets to the moon will be incapable of installing bulkheads or increasing the height of the launch pads. (Scotty will probably be able to beam us up by then, we won’t need no stinkin’ rockets.)

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

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