All US Warming, And Almost Half Of The Data, Is Fake

NOAA reports almost two degrees warming in the US, almost all of which is fake, and is derived from fake data. The red line below is the average of all of the measured station data, and the blue line is the average of all of reported station data. The US government has created a completely fake US warming trend, which the thermometers did not measure.

ScreenHunter_10807 Oct. 13 09.21

Reported: ushcn.tavg.latest.FLs.52j.tar.gz
Measured: ushcn.tavg.latest.raw.tar.gz

The graph below shows the spectacular hockey stick of data tampering NOAA is doing to the US data set.

ScreenHunter_10798 Oct. 13 04.09

The primary mechanism they use for this data tampering, is to simply fabricate data. Fake data is marked with an ‘E’ like this data for Baudette, MN. It means they have no underlying data for that station during that month.

ScreenHunter_10802 Oct. 13 04.11

Almost half of their reported data is now fake.

ScreenHunter_10797 Oct. 13 04.08

In 1989, NOAA reported that there had been no warming in the US.

U.S. Data Since 1895 Fail To Show Warming Trend

By PHILIP SHABECOFF, Special to the New York Times Published: January 26, 1989

After examining climate data extending back nearly 100 years, a team of Government scientists has concluded that there has been no significant change in average temperatures or rainfall in the United States over that entire period.

The study, made by scientists for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was published in the current issue of Geophysical Research Letters. It is based on temperature and precipitation readings taken at weather stations around the country from 1895 to 1987.

U.S. Data Since 1895 Fail To Show Warming Trend – New York Times

In 1999, NASA’s James Hansen reported that much of the US was cooling.

in the U.S. there has been little temperature change in the past 50 years, the time of rapidly increasing greenhouse gases — in fact, there was a slight cooling throughout much of the country

NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Whither U.S. Climate?

But the fraud is vastly worse than it seems. Since NOAA reported no US warming in 1989, thermometers have continued to show no US warming. One hundred percent of US 1990-2014 warming is due to fake data.

ScreenHunter_10804 Oct. 13 04.48

This is the biggest fraud in history, and more than 97% of climate scientists base their work on completely fraudulent data from NOAA and NASA. The “consensus” is based on sham data.

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40 Responses to All US Warming, And Almost Half Of The Data, Is Fake

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    bloody amazing..linked it on my wordpress as well..
    with the amt of bullshit usa is spinning nowdays being exposed I guess this is just one more “exceptional shining example”

  2. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    “In 1999, NASA’s James Hansen reported that much of the US was cooling.”

    NOAA’s high priest of climate malfeasance, Tom Karl, didn’t like this trend so he simply cooled the past and warmed the present!

    Scientific fraud right before your eyes…

  3. Gail Combs says:

    O/T but interesting. Lucia [The Luke Warmist] has a bad day with partial derivatives (I hope everyone here has been following Dr Evans analysis of the basic Climate Model)

    The conversation between Bill Burrows and David Evans is quite interesting. It starts HERE:

    Seems the Australian government has been deliberately packing departments with dumber people to keep questions to a minimum. Bill Burrows and David Evans are two of the more brilliant who found themselves on the outs.

  4. Henry P says:

    my global results include 7 stations in the USA,
    [I exclude Hawaii and Alaska from this sample]

    and conclude that it has been warming in the USA, at a rate of 0.022K/annum since 1973,
    i.e. 0.9K in total, from 1973-2014

  5. Henry P says:

    if I look at it [USA, mainland] from 1990, it is 0.015K/annum,

    that works out to 0.6K in total.

  6. Henry P says:

    that is the average of
    Washington DC
    Miami B
    Las Vegas

  7. Henry P says:

    An interesting observation was the increase in minima observed in Las Vegas since 1973….
    it seems that as you turn the desert into greenery + trees, the heat gets trapped…..
    so even though there is no AGW, NLW (natural local warming) does exist, and this may have played a role in the overall warming trend in the USA,
    at least in the cities in the USA that fell under my investigation.

  8. Henry P says:

    in case you were interested, minima in Las Vegas increased by 0.1K per annum since 1973
    ……that is a lot…..

  9. weatherguru says:

    Excellent post. Now we just need one journalist to present this to Obama on live T.V., so we can watch him clench his teeth and tell us “Look. 97% of the scientists agree with me.” Or was that Sierra Club? Ah, what’s the difference?

  10. Gail Combs says:

    As we are all aware, the last two winters have seen major ice on the Great Lakes (So much for US warming). Now it seems Mother Nature is giving the UK a slap in the face too.

    Britain faces longest winter in 50 years after earliest ever arrival of Siberian swan

    The arrival of winter, traditionally heralded by the migration of Siberian swans, has come early as 300 birds flock to Britain
    Britain is facing its longest winter in 50 years after the earliest-ever arrival of a Siberian swan which traditionally heralds the start of the season.

    Each year around 300 Bewick’s swans migrate 2,500 miles from Arctic Russia to escape the approaching cold weather which follows closely behind them.

    They flock to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust reserve at Slimbridge, Glos, where their arrival has been recorded since 1963.

    The first bird arrived on Sunday – a full 25 days earlier than last year and the earliest date on record.

    It coincided with the first frosts of the autumn in the area and experts say its early return could be a sign of a long, hard winter ahead.

    The premature arrival of winter in many European countries has encouraged Bewick’s swans to flock westwards earlier than usual.

    Temperatures are currently five to 10 degrees below average in parts of western Russia and eastern Europe and are expected to drop to the minus 30s….

    Almost 300 “snow patches” remained in the Highland mountains in 2014

    August 27, 2015 Massive Increase in Scottish Snow Patches

    Scottish snow patches survey: “Although all the data from the different areas has not yet all be collated, the preliminary results of this years the Scottish snowpatch survey are impressive.”

    Glaciation starts in Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes are directly south. The European glacier is seen in Scotland and Scandinavia. Therefore major snowfall and lingering summer snow in these areas not some cooked up ‘Global Temperature’ is the indicator of changes in the climate.

    Norway has not been spared the record cold and snow the last few years either.

    Looks like the Paris-ites may have picked the wrong place and the wrong time of year. Let’s hope Mother Nature gives the Climate Paris-ites a good lesson in reality! (That is if the ISIS muslims don’t beat her to it.)

  11. sfx2020 says:

    Mother Nature always bats last

  12. henryp says:

    Just to finish my thought

    I find real ALC where they chopped away all the trees, like in ARG.

    • Henry P says:

      minima in Tandil, Argentinia, dropped by -0.08K per annum since 1980.That is a lot…..Last I looked it seems it is set to drop even further.

      so, to make a country green, will trap heat, = local warming

      if you cut the trees and turn things into a waste land [or desert] it will cool down = local cooling

      • Henry P says:

        the irony is that those wanting a green earth are actually helping making it warmer….

        perhaps then, in the final analysis of it all, there is a component in the [natural] warming that anthropogenic?

      • Ted says:

        What happened to the maxima? It seems to me that deforestation should reduce humidity, which should broaden the spread in both directions. Higher highs, and lower lows. Simple heat trapping, on the other hand, should raise the entire curve fairly evenly. Or lower it, of course, as the means for trapping heat is removed.

  13. Steve Case says:

    The global warming juggernaut bubble should have burst some time ago. It is the Energizer Bunny / Grand Daddy of bullshit deceptions. I used to say I hope to live long enough to see a stake driven through the heart of the beast, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    If the Republicans manage to win next year, but with some Newt Gingrich type who thinks playing footsie with the other side is the thing to do, it’s going to be game over with respect to this issue.

  14. Canadian Climate Guy says:

    Reblogged this on Canadian Climate Guy and commented:
    Are you feeling the heat yet NASA and NOAA?

    These two government agencies are continuing to fabricate data to support the anthropogenic global warming theory. The only problem (for them) is, we’re all watching…

  15. sfx2020 says:

    I can show you, even with their own data, that the theory is wrong. I’m not kidding. While they adjust the past, and the present, it’s not enough to hide the real travesty, which shows up in their own data.

  16. This is good.

    Over at the refined and genteel place, Progressive socialite Paul Rosenberg is having a conniption fit. Let’s hope they have a fainting couch where the other ladies can comfort him:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong: The anti-science bullsh*t which explains why the right gets away with lies — and why the mainstream media lets them
    Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015

    The doctor says, he’s resting now. Don’t show him this post. It would be the end of him.

    • Ted says:

      Oddly that article is the last thing I read before I stopped by here. I needed a bit of reality after that one. I didn’t read the whole thing, but the gist of the first few paragraphs is, accuracy is an anti-science lie, if it’s not sufficiently insulting to those who hold a contrary opinion. It’s not enough to simply state the disagreement. Those with whom we disagree must be severely berated n any story, or the journalist has committed scientific heresy. Sadly, I’m not even exaggerating. I don’t know where it went from there, and I’m not going back to find out. I stopped reading for a reason.

      It also says we’re being unfair by noticing that the epithet they chose specifically to make us sound like Nazis, makes us sound like Nazis. They don’t deny it. (see what I did there?) They just say it’s not fair of us to notice their linguistic engineering.

      • I noticed some of the same. It’s borderline insane. Concerning your need to return to reality after reading it: The disturbing thing is that I know people for whom such writing describes and represents reality.

        P.S. I saw what you did there.

    • rah says:

      Quite a literary work, that one. You can see the author stamping his feet, red faced and crying as he wrote it.

  17. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Steven aka Tony, for using your talents to expose government propaganda disguised as 97% consensus science!

    Lest you and others get depressed over the sad state of the world today, remember Max Planck recognized in 1944 a “conscious and intelligent Mind” guiding the force that holds spinning sub-atomic particles together as atoms, lives and planets.

    We have nothing to fear. The ending will confirm ancient teachings, such as
    Truth is victorious, never untruth“!

  18. Henry P says:

    the results of science and scientific work is not like we could have an election about it. It seems this is the current idea that the media wants us to believe……

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