An Interactive Guide To Alaskan Glacial Melt

Barack Obama says that 250 years of Alaskan glacier melt is caused by automobile emissions. Here is a guide to help understand the difference between natural melt, and man-made melt

glacierbaymap (3)

glacierbaymap.gif (420×458)

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3 Responses to An Interactive Guide To Alaskan Glacial Melt

  1. Edmonton Al says:

    That is much too complicated for Obummer.

  2. Gary H says:

    Worth mentioning again. A few months back when Obama went to visit the Exit glacier in Alaska, amiss all of his shock and awe over how all of the melting was because of AGW and if we didn’t stop the climate immediately our children might not ever see it. bla bla bla.

    See National Park Service report by Susan Huse – Retreat of Exit Glacier.pdf

    Table 1 has it’s history of retreat:

    1815 – 1950 4,892 feet, or 36 ft/yr

    1950 – 1999 1,657 feet, or 34 ft/yr.

    Math is a wonder.

    Also – bonus. Neat little section in the report:

    The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a time of global cooling from approximately 1350
    to 1870 AD. During this time glaciers expanded in the northern regions, moving
    down the mountains and scouring the vegetation that had been in the valleys
    below. Park Service personnel recently discovered evidence of a buried forest
    dating back to at least 1170 AD high in the Forelands near the current glacier’s edge.
    Exit Glacier advanced from the Harding Icefield during the Little Ice Age, burying
    this existing forest and advancing to a maximum marked by the terminal moraine
    dated to 1815.

    Similar recent findings up at the Mendenhall Glacier:

    With a little luck – the current warm cycle will last hundreds of years longer – like the MWP – and the warmth and time will allow the trees to take root again, and grow to maturity and we will have a beautiful forest in a pristine environment providing substance for all varieties of life to take hold.

    And Obama thinks he can put an end to that?

  3. You are wrong, Tony.

    The first area of melting was caused by George Washington’s horse.
    The second one was caused by Zachary Taylor’s horse.
    The third one was caused by Winfield Scott’s horse.
    And the fourth one was caused by George S. Patton’s horse, as well as by the proliferation and increasing use of the Sousaphone.

    All kidding aside, I hope I can be excused for continuing to believe that exactly none of the five indicated meltings were caused by anthropogenic CO2.

    — RT

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