Ångström Was Correct

Knut Ångström discovered over 100 years ago that changing the amount of CO2 in the air has very little impact on how much longwave radiation is transmitted. This is the same thing which climate models show. The graph below was generated with data from one of the standard radiative transfer models used in climate and weather models.

As you can see, changing CO2 levels has little impact on the amount of radiation transmitted to the upper atmosphere in the mid-latitude summer.


But it’s worse than it seems. The interesting thing is the amount of downwelling longwave radiation. This is the greenhouse effect. An increase to 1,000 PPM CO2 would increase the amount of downwelling longwave radiation in the mid-latitude summer by less than one percent. The concept being promoted by fraudsters Katherine Hayhoe and Heidi Cullen that summers will get much hotter as CO2 increases, is patently absurd. Correct use of models shows nothing of the sort.


The whole climate scam is based around Hansen’s fake feedbacks. CO2 has very little effect.

On the other hand, downwelling longwave radiation is strongly affected by humidity. A humid day will have 60% greater longwave radiation hitting the ground than a dry day. This is one reason why humidity makes the weather feel hotter. A one percent change in humidity has far more effect than a 100% change in CO2.


If Hansen’s feedbacks were correct, one humid day would start the whole world spiraling towards thermal Armageddon. His theories are patently absurd.

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4 Responses to Ångström Was Correct

  1. Hans Conser says:

    I would like to hear more about his fake positive feedback.

    • Charles Higley says:

      It’s a completely stupid idea, as water vapor lowers air density and leads to convection, which carries water vapor to altitude where the Latent Heat of water is released and lost to space.

      We call it the Water Cycle, a huge convecting/condensing/precipitating/evaporating, negative feedback, heat engine that moves about 85% of the solar energy input budget away from Earth’s surface and to altitude where it is lost to space.

      The IPCC and warmists are now wary of really addressing water vapor anymore as they are aware that we know of the Water Cycle. Now they retrying to convince the world that CO2 is all powerful and completely in charge of the climate. They must think we are real fools.

      • FTOP says:

        Where do these pseudo scientists think the water vapor in the atmosphere came from? Outer space?

        It uses energy in state transition, loses energy as it rises, emits energy to space, yet so how turns around and warms the water left behind that has undergone none of this energy loss.

        I guess rain is hot and up is down.

  2. Charles Higley says:

    “A humid day will have 60% greater longwave radiation hitting the ground than a dry day. This is one reason why humidity makes the weather feel hotter.”

    Er. I do not think this is correct, as the downwelling IR is from -17 deg C matter will be reflected by the warmer 15 deg C Earth’s surface as well as our 37 deg C bodies. The IR is reflected back upward as energy levels at the surface equivalent to -17 deg C are already full. Simple thermodynamics says clearly that cool material cannot warm warmer material.

    It is much more likely that higher humidity decreases our ability to transpire water vapor from our skin. Dry house air always feels cooler than humid house air for this reason. Without warming the air, raising the humidity makes it feels warmer from decreased transpiration.

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