Another Smoking Gun Of NASA Fraud

The New York Times reported that 1921 was very hot and dry around the planet.


TimesMachine: January 29, 1922 –

The criminals at NASA have since erased it, and made 1921 one of the coldest years on record.

Image 13

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2 Responses to Another Smoking Gun Of NASA Fraud

  1. Foo says:

    Couple of reasonable points for you…
    – If you look at the original NYT article it’s talking mostly about New York
    – Temperature measurement back than were spotty and didn’t cover much area, and were taken with primitive equipment
    – The graph you show of Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index shows a few years of warming prior to 1921, so the article and the data are consistent!
    – Your personal attacks do not strengthen your arguments, they weaken them

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