EPA And CSIRO – Taking Sea Level Fraud To Spectacular New Heights

Incredible fraud from the EPA and CSIRO. The EPA now claims that tide gauges show sea level rising faster than satellites, with 3 inches (76 mm) sea level rise since 1990. That 3.0 mm/year.


Sea Level | Climate Change | US EPA

Earlier versions of this same graph showed the exact opposite, that tide gauge rates were slower than satellites. Apparently someone at EPA recently tampered with it to make it scarier.

Trends_in_global_average_absolute_sea_level,_1870-2008_(US_EPA) (1)

The EPA tide gauge claim of 3 mm/year is almost double what NOAA calculates

absolute global sea level rise is believed to be 1.7-1.8 millimeters/year

Sea Level Trends – Global Regional Trends

But it is worse than it seems. 85% of NOAA tide gauges report less sea level rise than the EPA claims is the average for tide gauges.


Sea Level Trends – MSL global stations trends table

In 1982, NASA showed just over three inches of sea level rise from 1880 to 1980, compared to double that amount in EPA/CSIRO graph.

ScreenHunter_2132 May. 31 12.25


The next image overlays the EPA/CSIRO graph on the 1982 NASA graph at the same scale. The EPA data is completely fake.

ScreenHunter_10678 Oct. 05 06.01

The EPA claims are in direct contradiction to current NOAA and earlier EPA and NASA data. But they have a political agenda being directed by the White House, and facts are not allowed to interfere.

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One Response to EPA And CSIRO – Taking Sea Level Fraud To Spectacular New Heights

  1. KTM says:


    “After a period of approximately 2,000 years of little change (not shown here), global average sea level rose throughout the 20th century, and the rate of change has accelerated in recent years. ”

    That’s strange, because there are several long-run sea level records out there that go beyond “the 20th century”.


    Most of them show a steady, linear change in sea level since their inception. If this is considered to be “little change” by the EPA, today’s sea level must also be undergoing “little change”.

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