Hiding The Sea Level Decline At The University Of Colorado

More spectacular fraud and data tampering from the sea level people at the University of Colorado.

Last year they showed that large areas of the Pacific were experiencing 3 mm/year declines in sea level since 1993.


Map of Sea Level Trends | CU Sea Level Research Group

They have since erased this, and painted their map red. The only way this could have happened, is if sea level rose 63 mm (21 years * 3 mm/year)  this year.

slMap of Sea Level Trends | CU Sea Level Research Group

The side by side view is most impressive


In 2004, they showed 2.8 mm/year sea level rise


University of Colorado Global mean sea level

They have since inflated that to 3.3 mm/year


CU Sea Level Research Group | University of Colorado

The next image overlays the two graphs. Note that they have altered their trend outside their own reported error of 0.4 mm/yr


But the University of Colorado fraud is much worse than it seems. They are reporting almost twice as much sea level rise as NOAA


absolute global sea level rise is believed to be 1.7-1.8 millimeters/year.

Sea Level Trends – Global Regional Trends

Like with all other claims from climate alarmists, the increase in sea level rise rates after 1993 is completely fraudulent. It simply didn’t happen.


Sea Level Trends – State Selection

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