Word Is Getting Out!


Ten thousand twitter followers. Twenty million page views. Five million visitors.

$0.00 in funding.

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10 Responses to Word Is Getting Out!

  1. pyromancer76 says:

    Congratulations — recognition for extremely hard and effective investigative work that accompanies a real scientific understanding of how the climate works — including humility regarding how much we do not know.

    I can’t thank you enough, Tony. You have made a significant name for yourself from those days I knew you as Steven Goddard at WUWT. Your blog has come a long way with the trajectory of more and more excellence and better and better ways of communicating your understanding to a large — getting larger every day — audience.

    I contribute a few cents as often as I can and I hope many other viewers will do so as well. Certainly can’t call it “funding” — more like appreciation.

  2. NoFreeWind says:

    >$0.00 in funding.
    ok, I’m going to toss a few bucks in the bucket!

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    Well done Tony. You are rattling their ivory towers.

  4. Charles Nelson says:


  5. Ross says:

    Well done Tony !!! You are making a difference.
    The thing I like about the sceptic leaders , like Tony, is that they are all extremely good communicators but they are all using different approaches to attacking the issue. I think that is a reason why Tony et al are winning.

  6. cheshirered says:

    Quality, Tony. Keep it up, mate. We’re right with you.

  7. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Good work Tony.

  8. mat says:

    Yes, but they’re all, by definition… Twits…

  9. jafree says:

    You are an inspiration to us all and I am sure all your followers are just like me and spread the word based on your hard work. We can’t thank you enough, but we can spread the word.

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