Black Lives Matter Have Been Planning These Executions For Weeks

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been actively supporting terrorist groups planning the Baton Rouge attacks.

The FBI put out this warning on July 7 that these terrorist groups planned to kill police in Baton Rouge, and were using the same symbolism as their ISIS brethren.

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16 Responses to Black Lives Matter Have Been Planning These Executions For Weeks

  1. Gail Combs says:

    The Friday riots fizzled because the killings in Nice drew the media attention. Therefore Soros decided to not waste his money paying his professional thugs. (Craigs list shows protestors are paid ~$15/hr plus free room board and transportation.)

    Instead you get ‘Protests’ by wimpy college Snowflakes.

    How George Soros Singlehandedly Created The European Refugee Crisis – And Why
    ….In 2004, Soros stated, “I deeply believe in the values of an open society. For the past 15 years I have been focusing my efforts abroad; now I am doing it in the United States.”
    Since then, Soros has been funding groups such as:

    * The American Institute for Social Justice, whose aim is to “transform poor communities through lobbying for increased government spending on social programs”
    * The New America Foundation, whose aim is to “influence public opinion on such topics as environmentalism and global governance”
    * The Migration Policy Institute, whose aim is to “bring about an illegal immigrant resettlement policy and increase social welfare benefits for illegals”

    Soros also uses his Open Society Foundations to funnel money to the progressive media outlet, Media Matters.

    Soros funnels the money through a number of leftist groups, including the Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, and the Democracy Alliance in order to circumvent the campaign finance laws he helped lobby for.
    Why has Soros donated so much capital and effort to these organizations? For one simple reason: to buy political power.

    Democratic politicians who go against the progressive narrative will see their funding cut and be attacked in media outlets such as Media Matters, which also directly contribute to mainstream sites such as NBC, Al Jazeera, and The New York Times.
    Apart from the $5 billion Soros’s foundation has donated to groups like those cited above, he has also made huge contributions to the Democratic Party and its most prominent members, like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and of course Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Hacked messages discuss the plan for a Black Lives Matter Summer of Chaos

  2. Don says:

    Trump is, or strongly appears to be, against all this open-borders, one world, blah, blah, blah. But then he selects Pence as his running mate, Pence who can’t wait for the TPP. If Trump wins will he live long enough to make a difference? The prince of this world has many followers, and they are one-worlders.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Many are not thrilled with Pence.

      However remember the 5,544-page Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty was kept secret and could only be viewed by a congressman in a secure room. I did read ALL of the Obummercare bill and the Food Safety Modernization bill but even I with an exceptionally fast reading rate just didn’t have the will to read this monstrosity when it became public. I very much doubt ANY politician actually read that treaty. Also Pence was serving as the 50th Governor of Indiana since 2013 so he would not be authorized to look at the treaty.

      Many Many libertarians and others who you would think would scream bloody murder about that treaty are for it because they have NEVER READ ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I think Pence falls in this category. It is part of the Gaslighting of the American people that has been on going since J. P. Morgan and friends took over the MSM in 1915.

      I think in listenning to an interview of Pence that he may have had a wake-up call by Trump and has taken a closer look and changed his mind. Also remember the MSM LIES. They lie through their teeth and all they have to do is convince some not to vote for Trump so they can give a plausible excuse when SOROS steals the election. (Voting machines and ballot counting under Soros control— look it up.)


      • Douglas Hoyt says:

        I think the main point of the TPP bill is that it will effectively neutralize Congress and allow the executive branch to formulate and enforce laws. Congress will just become an empty symbolic institution after TPP is passed. That is why they are keeping the text secret.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Actually TPP allows international corporations to challenge US laws and an international tribunal of corporate suits makes the judgement call not the Supreme Court. In other words kiss US sovereignty good bye.

      • Krakatoa says:

        Pence is a self serving politician. He keeps an eye on the weather to see which way the wind is blowing. Maybe he will compliment Trump if elected. Maybe.

        More on Pence:

  3. Gail Combs says:

    The big question is what will happen at the Republican Convention. According to the scuttlebutt Cleveland politicians have their heads wedged. Permits allow rioters to be around the convention hall instead of kept at a distance as originally planned thanks to athe ACLU and a leftist judge.

    Quick Points:
    1. Because a black died at the hands of a cop, Obummer’s DOJ took control of the city cops.

    2. An NGO affiliated with SOROS is now in control of Cleveland law enforcement.

    3. There was a $50 million grant for security for the Republican National Convention. I recently read the moneys went to the state and not the city. There were enough FUBARs that there is not enough time for fitting of equipment and training. A local police force here in NC pulled out of sending support as a result. Greensboro, N.C. police pull out of RNC, cite questions over Cleveland preparedness and so have other police departments leaving Cleveland short handed. link

    4. And now the Police Union is freaking out over the lack of prep. CLE police union president says officers are not prepared for the RNC He also said there was a memo sent out by the politicians as a CYA. (Can’t find that link.)

    Cops and GOP Convention Goers are Sitting Ducks, Says Cleveland Police Union

    ….At the 2008 Republican National Convention leftist protesters planned and tried to shut down the convention by any means necessary. At that time, Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby was working undercover with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. They were working together to stop the extremists from preventing convention attendees from exercising their First Amendment right to free speech and assembly. In this interview with Breitbart News, Darby explained, “People have to remember, this isn’t a bunch of unorganized and disorganized kids.”

    Darby explained that “they mapped out the city, maps with corporate targets, business leaders home addresses, and Republican delegates home addresses, and also where the hotels were the delegates were going to be staying in. And they handed out these maps and then they showed people videos of Molotov cocktails and various other criminal behavior and asked everyone to be creative and feel free to use what they called a diversity of tactics and to make sure the Republican National Convention can’t occur, you know, can’t happen.” He said they were going to chain themselves across the major arteries so that the delegates could not get to the convention center. They also made riot shields out of stolen traffic barrels and the riot shields had protruding sharpened deck screws on them. Their protests signs were made out of heavy, heavy sticks so they could actually be used as a weapon against police. They “slashed the tires of the buses, they threw bleach and urine in the delegates faces, and they attacked the buses and the people on the buses.”….

    The Bushs, Bob Corker, Marco Rubio and other RINOs decide to skip the Convention. Do they know something we don’t?

  4. Gail Combs says:

    Additional facts:

    The police in San Jose CA were told to stand down. They even admitted that they would not intervene short of murder was being committed. ALL arrests were for rioters attacking police. San Jose Police Chief Who Admits ALLOWING ATTACKS on Trump Supporters is Affiliated With La Raza

    This ‘stand down’ type order is very clear in the discussion among Chicago police where Trump pulled out at the last minute.

    Second City Cop: Questions About Last Night

    First up, who was in charge? As far as we can tell, there was pretty much zero in terms of a unified Command Post.

    Second, who wrote this plan? We’ve seen and heard reports that UIC was woefully unprepared for this. They had their own people and Monterey Security inside. The Secret Service had a presence, but they’re restricted to dignitary protection. The ISP had a squad there. And CPD. So where were the people geared up for a riot? For NATO we had an entire strike force geared up and ready to go. We had the Mounted Unit up and running. Tens of dozens of bikes. Did no one see this coming?

    Third, who evacuated the Pavilion, putting a few thousand people out on the street as targets? A bad decision, probably by the UIC people attempting to “protect” the building. Same with not securing the parking structure, leading to many confrontations and property damage in the lots. Dumb move.

    Fourth……ah f***k it. There are a million “after action” questions that need to be asked and answered. Who gave up the expressway? Who let them block ambulances? Why did they not assemble citywide Incident Teams as soon as they knew the rally was canceled? Tact Teams? We even heard Mass Arrest kits weren’t available and only one transport wagon on scene in case arrests were made.

    Who ever drew up this order failed miserably. Whatever the Intelligence Section was doing wasn’t nearly enough. The On Scene Incident Commander failed to anticipate even the best case scenario and every other appointee showed how incompetent they really were by not ordering up more reinforcements and more units on stand-by. McJerseyShore promoted people who owed him, people who were frightened of losing their posts if they didn’t produce his numbers. And without the blustering New York loudmouth, they were reduced to phoning their clout to ask what they should do…but their clout was busy phoning their clout…and their clout was busy sleeping.

    And so the scene was lost. And the streets…

    Meanwhile Bikers for Trump are headed to Cleveland. Many are military vets and retired LEOs.

    Looks like Obummer may get the civil war he is hoping for.

  5. Gail Combs says:

    Does it never end?

    Another Ambush: 6 Police Officers Shot, 3 Killed in Baton Rouge Louisiana Attack On Police

    For what it is worth Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch – has accused President Obama, of fueling a race war that led to the murder of police in Dallas last week. -About time.

    Klayman also named Al Sharpton and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in the suit. The Dallas cop killer “Micah X. Johnson” AKA “Faheed Hassen” was a follower of Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and attended a Nation of Islam mosque in the South Dallas area.
    Former DOJ Prosecutor Sues Obama, Black Lives Matter And Eric Holder For Inciting Race War

    The question is WHY the attack on police?

    The answer is the international Strong Cities Network: Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Announces the Launch of the Strong Cities Network at the United Nations General Assembly
    an interpretation that sounds over the top: Obama Admin & UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight “Extremism” in US Cities
    However there is this:

    United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 17 Goals to TRANSFORM OUR WORLD
    Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

    United States Department of Homeland Security Fusion Centers

    The United States and Canada entered into a military agreement on February 14, 2008, allowing the armed forces from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a domestic civil emergency, even one that does not involve a cross-border crisis, according to a police commander involved in homeland security planning and implementation.

    …”This is a military plan that’s designed to bypass the Posse Comitatus Act that traditionally prohibited the US military from operating within the borders of the United States. Not only will American soldiers be deployed at the discretion of whomever is sitting in the Oval Office, but foreign soldiers will also be deployed in American cities,” warns Lt. Steven Rodgers, commander of the Nutley, NJ Police Department’s detective bureau.

    Section 1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act 2007 essentially repeals the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878

    UN Demands Bigger, Stronger UN “Police” Force

    … the United Nations is launching a major push to expand and further empower its UN “police” force known as UNPOL. At the same time, the controversial global organization is working to usurp more influence over national police forces, with the UN bringing together more than 100 national police chiefs this month at its first-ever UN “Chiefs of Police Summit” (UN COPS). The scheming comes less than two years after UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on local police forces in the United States to comply with what he cryptically referred to as “international standards.”

    At the center of the UN’s efforts to empower its self-styled “Police” force is a new report commissioned by the UN that — surprise! — claims the UN Police need more money, power, and prestige. “In reality, the [UN] Police Division’s current capacity and resourcing is insufficient and has not kept pace with the increased tasks and complexity of police mandates in peace operations,” the report claimed. In other words, hand over more resources — money, power, officers, technology, and more — to keep up with the UN’s vision for globalized “law” enforcement.

    Diocletian’s Problem-Reaction-Solution in action

  6. Latitude says:

    Somehow shooting more cops…is supposed to make cops less afraid of blacks.

    To have a good have to first reduce everyone to the lowest common denominator

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