FACT : The Obama Administration Lies About Everything


Total BS. Forest fire destruction in the US has plummeted over the past 80 years.


Indicator 3.16: Area and percent of forest affected by abiotic agents

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9 Responses to FACT : The Obama Administration Lies About Everything

  1. Andy DC says:

    It all depends on how alarmists pick their cherries. If you start your chart in 1979, there has been a small uptick.

    Every idiot knows that science began in 1979 and that any data prior to 1979 was accumulated by misogynist, knuckle dragging, bullying, bigoted, rape crazed, straight white male chauvinist pigs, and thus is highly unreliable!

  2. Neal S says:

    I was just reading the usual lies …


    “Two key climate change indicators — global surface temperatures and Arctic sea ice extent — have broken numerous records through the first half of 2016, according to NASA analyses of ground-based observations and satellite data.”

  3. Windsong says:

    Without a doubt there are more fires reported these days. When federal agencies and states are reporting fires to the NIFC as small as 1/10 of an acre, then we should expect more. And, if states are reporting fires that occur all year long, then the wildfire season is 12 months. Some states now report County and Local (C&L) fires and acreage in their wildfire totals. Any kids in your area set a vacant lot on fire with fireworks over the Independence Day weekend? Could end up reported as a “wildfire.” In 2015, New Jersey reported 1,013 C&L wildfires burning 2,685 acres, Texas reported 8,379 C&L fires burning 76,341. Raise the reporting threshold to just one acre for woodlands, five acres for grass/rangeland fires, or whenever a structure is damaged, and the total number of fires would not sound so scary as to put alarmist’s knickers in a twist.

    (Note: I have spent time gagging on dust learning how to use a Pulaski. Never deployed on a fire. Fully aware that even a small fire could have disastrous consequences if a home is burned, or if someone is injured, or worse killed. The numbers mentioned above undoubtedly resulted in some loss of homes, businesses and/or serious injuries.)

  4. Gail Combs says:

    When/If Trump becomes president, I wonder how many people in NASA, EPA, DOE, education… will suddenly retire and flee to Europe or Australia or Canada leaving a brown trail behind.

  5. RickS says:

    “The Obama Administration Lies About Everything” !

    Barack “Insane” Obama doesn’t just lie, this President of the United States is what is referred to as a [Pathological Liar] !!

    Meaning that lying is His native language, Obama will “lie” even when it is unnecessary which leads to being described as “Pathological” !!!

    This is “not” a disease nor is it a handicap (i.e. Something a person is born with), to become Pathological one must invite it into their mind and usually it is caused by severe insecurities over a long period of time, but I do not believe that is the case for Obama, rather it comes from the studying (Better word for it is “Indoctrination” which is commonly programmed into naive youthful individuals by leftist progressive elitists to keep their ideology going at all stakes) of virtual “False” Prophets (Not actual Prophets but those that/who speak like one) which soon leaves one in a “Soulless” state and very very few ever recover from that !

    Now I have heard many calling Hillary Pathological, but that is not true !

    “Hillary” lies when She must, which actually is quite often. Notice how Hillary looks down when She’s lying and that She has a lot of difficulty looking up where it becomes impossible to look You in the eye and as a lawyer use to say, “When a person is testifying and won’t look you in the eye and keeps looking down, then you know that person is lying to you” !!!

    And that is Hillary, and Hillary is definitely as deceitful as they come and will stop at nothing to get what She wants, even to the point of causing one to [Sleep with the Fishes], and that’s dangerous and dastardly, Hillary Clinton should have been locked up long ago and certainly long before Benghazi, and the keys thrown away !!!!

    Now in contrast President Obama will look You in the eye, smile, and lie without a blink, because again that is His [instinctive character] and it is “natural” being !

    And that is the basic meaning of “Pathological” and also that is the face of untrue evil, and those will not escape judgment, but some how, some way they think they will escape, and in and of itself that is again, Pathological…

    So yes, “The Obama Administration Lies About Everything” and will “always” continue to do so !

    How Pathetic

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