Manhattan To Drown In Only 700 Years

NASA says that Manhattan’s West Side Highway will drown between 2008 and 2018.


Stormy weather –

Top quality science from crack government scientists. The West Side Highway is two meters above sea level, and will remain above water for at least 700 more years. Sea level in Manhattan has been falling since 2010, and is no higher now than it was in 1998.

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Sea Level Trends – State Selection

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4 Responses to Manhattan To Drown In Only 700 Years

  1. Depends what you mean by West Side Highway. It’s an elevated highway about 60 feet above the river, (the part above 42nd street anyway). It used to be elevated all the way downtown but a section of it collapsed around 30 years ago. The majority of it (10 miles of it) remains as an elevated highway.

    So, the West Side Highway is 20 meters above the river, approx.

  2. Andy DC says:

    A doomsday cult, based on junk science, complete with moving goalposts.

  3. RickS says:, Satanington Post and the Guardian (I finally figured out what the Guardian does, they Guard the entrance and exit in and out of Hell letting only themselves and their cohorts back and forth into the Bottomless Pit and that’s why their Leader, Lucifer, is so pissed off about Oil Drilling and Fracking because it’s so loud that the Pit Dwellers can’t sleep in Hell but then again they couldn’t sleep before hand in the first place so it just goes to show how “Stupid” Hell really is ???) are “Scum” !

    Pathetic lying pathological puke’s (Does that remind you of anyone else currently living ?) who continue to just keep digging further and further down, to South Side of Heaven…


  4. Dave N says:

    This is real science at NASA:

    Space exploration cannot work with made up data; GISS is an utter embarrassment to the rest of the agency

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