The Dreaded Heat Index!

It is going to be hot this week, with temperatures in Oklahoma City forecast to get up to 100 degrees on Thursday. That isn’t very scary, so they made up the dreaded “HEAT INDEX”


Oklahoma City used to have about 25 days a year over 100 degrees, but now they average less than 10. In 1936 they had 72 days over 100F.


On this date in 1936, Oklahoma City was 115 degrees. Today they are forecast to reach 96.


Altus, Oklahoma was 120 degrees on this date in 1936, Today they are forecast to reach 96. Almost two-thirds of the country was over 100 degrees on this date 80 years ago.


But almost none of the country is forecast to reach 100 today.

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Experts say that the number of 100 degree days is skyrocketing, when in fact it is plummeting.

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Here’s How Many Ridiculously Hot Days Your City Will Have in the Future | Mother Jones

The average number of 100 degree days in the DC area has dropped to close to zero.


The average number of 100 degree days in the US has dropped in half over the past 80 years.


Nearly every single thing you hear from the press and government about global warming is the exact opposite of reality. This causes the dreaded “hot under the collar” heat index.

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